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We have made several trips to Toronto for the 2013 PGA Championship and over the course of those trips we have gotten to know the principles of this organization well. They are headquartered in Toronto and are great people. If you need to reach out to them, ask for Greg or Brad Grimes and let them know you heard of them through this note and they will take good care of you.

- Ryan Cannon (Championship Director, 2013 PGA Championship)

How Large Flatbed Transportation Carriers Can Benefit You

Although people have different options for getting freight delivered, there are several key benefits of using large flatbed transportation carriers. If you are looking for the right service for getting your cargo delivered, there is a good chance that flatbed transportation services are the perfect solution.

As you begin searching for the […]

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9 Key Building Blocks for Your Flatbed Trucking Success

While getting involved with flatbed trucking may seem easy, there is a lot involved. Especially when working for small trucking companies as opposed to giants, you need to know the most important building blocks to succeed. With certain things in place, it will be no time before the best flatbed trucking companies seek […]

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Flatbed Trucking: Keeping Your Cargo on the Move

While there are many trucks on the road, the flatbed has a long history. Today, flatbeds continue to keep cargo on the move. For oddly shaped, oversized, or extra-heavy loads, flatbed trucking is essential.

With flatbed transporting services, drivers must properly secure cargo, using straps, chains, and other solutions. However, when it […]

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5 Key Questions to Ask Flatbed Trucking Companies for Your Shipping Needs

Before hiring just any flatbed company, you need to ask several key questions. In searching for the best flatbed trucking companies, it would help to select three or four with good reputations. That way, you do not spend a significant amount of time asking questions with countless flatbed freight trucking companies – just […]

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Advantages of Flatbed Trucking Over Hot Shot Trucking

Other than moving goods from point A to point B, there are few similarities between flatbed trucking and hot shot trucking. Of the two, flatbeds offer incredible advantages. If you ask yourself whether there are any “flatbed trucking companies near me,” you can be certain there are. However, it is important to choose […]

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Do’s and Don’ts to Remember When Hiring Flatbed Trucking Companies

There are specific things that you need to consider when hiring a transportation company. Obviously, it is important that you identify at least two to three different flatbed trucking companies, which gives you the opportunity to make important comparisons as to the types of services they provide, areas of speciality, number of years […]

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Flatbed Trucking – Everything You Need to Know

Flatbed transportation carriers play a critical role in today’s society. Drivers of flatbed trucks are responsible for moving items from one point to another. This includes cars, lumber, airplane wings, machinery, plumbing supplies and more. For someone interested in hiring a flatbed shipping company, it is important to verify several things.

The […]

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Choosing Flatbed Truck Shipping

Flatbed truck shipping is a popular and in-demand service. However, compared to other shipping options, flatbed transportation is unique. Using this method of shipping is beneficial in a number of ways beyond being cost-efficient and convenient.

Benefits of Flatbed Truck Shipping

Flatbed trucks have no walls or roof, leaving only a flat surface […]

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Steel Coil Flatbed Trucking and Transport Services by MGA

At MGA International Logistics, we offer a wide range of services to include steel coil flatbed trucking and transport. This is important to know since there are risks on the road for drivers who haul steel, to include dropped loads, which occurs because of a jackknife, improper securement, rollover, or something else. In addition to […]

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What Services do Top Flatbed Trucking Companies Offer?

Customers hire top flatbed trucking companies to deliver freight to customers. However, due to design, companies use this type of trailer to haul specific freight. In other words, loads on flatbeds are unique to those in closed trailers. For example, a top flatbed truck hauls heavy and large construction equipment and materials, getting it safely […]

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