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We have made several trips to Toronto for the 2013 PGA Championship and over the course of those trips we have gotten to know the principles of this organization well. They are headquartered in Toronto and are great people. If you need to reach out to them, ask for Greg or Brad Grimes and let them know you heard of them through this note and they will take good care of you.

- Ryan Cannon (Championship Director, 2013 PGA Championship)

Benefits of Selecting a Freight Trucking Company for Your Shipping Needs

Choosing the right freight trucking company is essential. What it comes down to is that the best company provides a host of excellent services at competitive prices. However, choosing a reputable company also ensures well-maintained truck fleets so that you never have to worry about delays in delivery due to broken-down vehicles. With […]

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The Essential Guide to Freight Forwarding Services

Although you might have heard that freight forwarding services provide tremendous value, you may still question how. The freight forwarding process entails having goods moved to different places around the world on behalf of companies that import and export. Not only are goods moved, but this process requires a lot of organizational and […]

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5 Necessary Skills for Maximizing Effectiveness of International Freight Forwarders

Freight forwarding services depend heavily on a professional forwarder who is an intermediary between the shipper and several transportation services, including air, shipping, and trucking. International freight forwarders make sure that everyone is on the same page and everything is in place according to plan, thereby ensuring a seamless shipping process.

The […]

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International Shipping Companies: How MGA International Differs from UPS in International Shipping of Your Goods

Although the services offered by most international shipping companies are relatively the same, as you make comparisons, you will begin to see some distinct differences. For example, in looking at MGA International versus UPS international shipping services, a number of things will stand out. Due to the importance of getting your goods shipped […]

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Evolution of Hot Shot Trucking in the Freight Industry

Although hot shot trucking is a viable option for moving goods within the freight industry, many have no knowledge of how it got started or where it is headed. In looking at the evolution of this particular moving service, you cannot help but be impressed.

Well before the invention of automobiles, freight […]

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Using Trade Show Freight Services

As a participant in trade shows, you understand everything involved to achieve success. You must set up structural pieces, booths, tables, and displays. In addition, you have a significant amount of flyers, brochures, and of course merchandise to set up. However, before you can do your job, you need these items delivered to […]

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Huge Advantages in Using Expedited Freight Companies

Expedited freight companies specialize in getting freight delivered in a quick and efficient manner. While some companies focus solely on making quick deliveries, others like MGA International Logistics offer a full range of services to include expedited shipments.

At MGA, we can ship freight in a variety of ways. However, even with our less-than-truckload (LTL) services, […]

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Overseeing Canadian Freight Companies

MGA International Logistics plans and transports freight but overseeing the work that we perform is an organization known as Transport Canada. By following established policies and regulations, we can assure your positive experience. Transport Canada oversees all Canadian freight companies.
Transport Canada is responsible for policies and programs pertaining to transportation. For Canadian freight companies, the […]

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