3 Key Differences in Lowboy and Step Deck

The trucking industry offers multiple types of services. Two of those include lowboy trucking and step deck trucking. Because there are a few similarities, some people get the two confused, making it hard to choose the right service. However, there are also differences. Three, in particular, that stand out.

Before going over these three differences, it would help to gain a basic understanding of these two types of trailers. With lowboy trucking services, a gooseneck detaches thanks to large hydraulic cylinders that raise and lower the trailer. For shoring up the neck to the truck, a smaller cylinder gets used. With that done, a large piece of equipment drives over the front, going onto the trailer’s deck in preparation for transporting cargo.

As for step deck trucking, also referred to as single drop, drop deck, and open deck, heavy equipment hauling companies and others use these trailers to transport much of the same kind of freight as that of a flatbed. For both options, a trucking company can haul a significant amount of large and heavy cargo. Along with these differences, consider the three mentioned below.

  1. Decks – The design of a lowboy trailer includes a single deck, whereas a step deck has two: a main and a front. That means instead of one continuous surface as seen with a flatbed, this trailer has an upper deck that sits above the tractor unit, measuring between 10 and 13 feet long. The main deck measures 38 to 40 feet long and just 3 feet and 3 inches off the ground.
  2. Dimensions and Load Capability – Other differences between the two trucking options include the length of the load accommodated and load capability. A lowboy, which has two axles, carries cargo up to 12 feet high and with a load capacity of 70,000 pounds. In comparison, a step deck trailer has a maximum height of 10 feet for the main deck and 8.5 feet for the front deck. This type of trailer can haul up to 48,000 pounds of cargo.
  3. Height Capability – The thing about a step deck trailer is that it works great for tall freight. However, for extra-tall shipments, a lowboy trailer is the better option. With the deck only 18 inches from the ground, this trailer has no problem transporting items up to 11 feet and 6 inches tall.

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