5 Key Questions to Ask Flatbed Trucking Companies for Your Shipping Needs

Before hiring just any flatbed company, you need to ask several key questions. In searching for the best flatbed trucking companies, it would help to select three or four with good reputations. That way, you do not spend a significant amount of time asking questions with countless flatbed freight trucking companies – just those that stand out. As you ask questions of the top flatbed trucking companies, you will begin to get a clear picture as to which one is right for your shipping needs based on the answers received.

  1. What is your company’s history in the trucking industry? – The challenge is that along with several leading flatbed companies that have been in business for years, there are some so-called “fly by night” companies, those that take your money, do a standard or subpar job, and then disappear. For superior service at a competitive price, you should hire a company with several years of experience.
  2. Does your company provide tarping? – As a flatbed, this truck has no cover. That means the load gets transported without any real protection. If you need supplies or other goods transported, but the potential for inclement weather persists, you should ask if the company provides tarping. As an example, you would need tarping for a load of drywall delivered to a construction site on a rainy day. Otherwise, the rain would severely damage, if not destroy the load.
  3. Does your company use chains, straps, or both? – To ensure your load is 100 percent secure, any flatbed company of interest should use chains, straps, or both. If the company only uses chains, be sure to ask what measures it takes to prevent damage to your load, such as nicks, tears, and scratches.
  4. Does the driver for my shipping needs have a criminal record? – While you might feel somewhat uncomfortable asking this question, it is important. You would be surprised at the number of flatbed companies that utilize drivers with past DUI convictions. Fortunately, the best flatbed trucking companies conduct an extensive background check on drivers to avoid any problems.
  5. Is your company properly licensed and insured? – One of the best ways to protect your load is by hiring a company that maintains proper licensing and insurance. Even if the companies of interest answer this question, you need to see proof. To go a step further, contact the appropriate agency and insurance company to verify the information presented.

MGA International ranks among the top respected companies for flatbed trucking services. We invite you to call us or visit our website to learn more about our company and the services that we offer.

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