5 Trucking Services That Everyone Needs

While some people require different shipping and transportation services due to the type of freight involved, there are five types of trucking services that everyone benefits from using. Regardless of the size or industry of your business, the next time you need something shipped or transported, you can consider one of the five options listed, including hot shot trucking and services from local trucking companies.

    1. Hot Shot Trucking – For expedited delivery of almost anything, hot shot trucking is a perfect choice. Because drivers use various types of vehicles, including medium- and heavy-duty pickup trucks and flatbed trailers, they can accommodate small packages to oversized military equipment and everything in between.
    2. Local Trucking – As the name implies, local trucking companies deliver goods within a specific town or city. Because these companies are part of the same community where customers live or work, owners go above and beyond to ensure 100 percent satisfaction.
    3. Intermodal Transport – In this case, freight gets transported in an intermodal vehicle or container using several transportation modes, including, ship, rail, and truck. However, even when changing the mode of transportation, the goods are never directly handled, thereby streamlining the process.
    4. Flatbed Trucking – For excessively heavy, oversized, and oddly-shaped freight, flatbed trailers are invaluable. With incredible versatility, this trucking solution benefits the farming, automotive, aerospace, aviation, ranching, and construction industries plus more. In fact, flatbeds, whether arranging service through large or small trucking companies, are critical to all branches of the military.
    5. LTL Trucking – LTL, the acronym for less-than-load, is a trucking solution used when freight does not fill a standard 48 or 53-foot trailer. Because a typical load ranges anywhere from 100 to 10,000 pounds, you have many incredible options.

    In addition to the top five services that virtually everyone needs, there are others. As an example, refrigerated trucking makes it possible to get frozen and perishable goods from one location to another without you worrying about damage. Since the items get transported in a controlled environment with temperatures between 45 and -10 degrees Fahrenheit, you know your freight will arrive in perfect condition.

    Local Trucking Service Providers

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