7 Things to Look For Before Selecting Supply Chain Partners

Choosing supply chain partners can be a tough task. Best practice is to define and document the criteria that any future supply chain partners must meet before doing business together. These include the following seven things that you should look for before selecting a supply chain partner for your sprinter transportation needs.

1. License(s), Permit(s), and Legal Authority

Having all the necessary paperwork needed to complete a business transaction is important when finding a supply chain partner. Some companies don’t have formally signed contracts between parties, which can be bad if the relationship turns sour. It’s important that each company fills out their own forms that will bond the companies together for the length of the signed contract.

2. Outline Criteria

It’s imperative to outline what your business needs are in order to have a clearer understanding of who to partner with. Create a list for the supply chain partners that can narrow down your options. If you require sprinter van expedited freight service, obviously you want great quality vehicles that are dependable.

3. Compliance Certification(s) For Equipment, Product(s), and/or Process(es)

Having compliance certifications for equipment, products, and processes allows a supply chain company to use the tools they house. It ensures that the supplied good or service meets the required specifications in their industry.

4. Track Record of Equipment, Product(s), and/or Process(es)

A track record of any and all equipment, products, and/or any processes used needs to be given beforehand in order to establish just how much this supply chain partner can take on. You must be able to grow with your own business, and having a supply chain partner that can grow with you with the proper tools available is essential.

5. Adequate Training and Performance

All staff should be required to complete the appropriate training in order to have the necessary skills of working in this type of setting. Afterall the quality of their performance will effect yours.

6. Well-Rated By Industry Credit Reporting Agencies

If a supply chain partner is well-rated by industry credit reporting agencies, you are more likely to have fewer financial problems in the future. A financially stable supply chain partner will ensure the longevity of you two working together better.

7. Establish Service Expectations

Establish a list of criteria you expect from your supply chain partner. For a sprinter van, you want to ensure you have on-time delivery, load management in place to prevent damages, and check calls at major stops On Route to a customer.

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