A Checklist Every Shipper Needs Prior to Loading

A checklist can be an essential tool that a shipping company uses regularly. The destination needs to be listed, as well as the receiver’s requirements, the time of arrival provided, so no problems take place. This can save both the cargo shipping companies and the receiver a ton of time in the process.

1. Determine Geographical Location

Before the shipment leaves the shipper’s location, the recipient should be provided with a geographical location for where the load is being shipped off to. This must include any stops that need to be made before reaching the final destination.

2. Ensure All Receiver’s Requirements Are Met

If an international shipping company is arranging transportation, the shipper will need to discuss the receiver’s requirements before the shipment leaves. Receivers are responsible for communicating any special requirements they may have. Any changes made must be approved by both the shipping and receiving company.

3. Estimated Time of Arrival

A specific delivery time must be discussed between the shipper and receiver ahead of the delivery. Not only do their expectations need to be talked about, but so do the carriers. If an operator doesn’t have enough hours available to complete a shipment, another operator must be used instead in order to arrive within the desired timeframe.

4. Provide Accurate Records

Depending on the type of products you are shipping, Cargo shipping companies must provide accurate records of how products were handled before loading. Having these records available is necessary as they can provide all the parties involved with a description of the handling process. In the event of an issue, these records must be present.

5. Appointment Scheduled

An appointment should be scheduled on the day of arrival to be more efficient. This allows for seamless delivery.

6. Default Term Established

The default term on any shipment is freight on board (FOB) when using international cargo shipping. Unless another term of sale is specified, and then agreed to in writing by both the shipping and receiving companies, this name will be used.

7. Inspection

An inspection maybe required in the event of a possible claim. Inspections should be documented and the bills of lading must be signed noting any reason for a possible claim.

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