A Receiver’s Checklist for Product Arrival

Every receiving company has specific guidelines they must follow when a shipment arrives at the destination. Checking serial numbers, reviewing temperature recordings, documenting specific items, logging the delivery time, and advising the other parties of a possible rejection immediately once it happens are all involved in this process. Lowboy trucking companies will provide excellent transportation for oversized shipments and will help avoid rejection upon arrival.

1. Check Seals and Serial Numbers

All seals and serial numbers will need to be checked before opening the doors of the trailer or container. This is an important step to prove the shipment has not been tampered with while in transit. Once seal # is verified it can be broken and the doors can be opened.

2. For Refrigerated shipments, Review Temperature Recordings (If Applicable)

When using temperature recorders, the receiver must find and document their locations correctly. The temperature recordings on each device that was with the driver should also be reviewed and documented before the truck departs. This step is only applicable when using trailers with temperature monitoring devices.

3. Advise the Other Parties of Possible Rejection Immediately

If product is damaged or spoiled, the other parties involved (the shipper and transportation provider) must be contacted. An inspection needs to be completed to determine nature of damage and if anything can be salvaged.

4. Document Certain Items

When using lowboy transport services, certain items and exceptions must be photographed and written down at all times. These include the time of arrival, and who is receiving the goods. The receiver should include a printed and signed first and last name that can be used for identification in the event of a problem. If legal action is required, these items will be evident during a trial.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

Each carrier, receiver, and the shipper will have their own unique lists in terms of what to check upon arrival. If unloading is delayed, all parties need to discuss best ways to mitigate damages for all.

MGA International offers more reliable shipments that will arrive at their destinations on time. By using their lowboy trucking service or Van / Container shipping service, combined with this informational checklist, there should be fewer shipment problems upon arrival.

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