Advantages of Flatbed Trucking Over Hot Shot Trucking

Other than moving goods from point A to point B, there are few similarities between flatbed trucking and hot shot trucking. Of the two, flatbeds offer incredible advantages. If you ask yourself whether there are any “flatbed trucking companies near me,” you can be certain there are. However, it is important to choose the right company. Start by creating a list of reputable flatbed equipment trucking companies that serve your area and then compare them to identify the right fit.

Hot Shot Services

With hot shot trucking, drivers use their personal vehicles, such as vans and trucks, to move goods. This service has risen in popularity due to its ability to expedite shipments, which is ideal for delivering time-sensitive freight. For people who do not own the necessary vehicles yet are interested in becoming a hot shot driver, some trucking companies have a lease option.

Flatbed Services

Following are some examples of why flatbed services are so beneficial.

  • Versatility – For larger and heavier freight, hot shot drivers are not equipped to handle the job. When using a flatbed, freight gets loaded from its sides, rear, and tip. This versatility makes the loading and unloading process easier, and it takes less time to complete the work.
  • Adequate Space – Even for hot shot drivers that rely on large vans, these vehicles do not provide enough room for larger freight. With a flatbed, transporting larger-sized equipment or cargo is never a problem.
  • Specialized Equipment – Along with standard flatbeds, specialized flatbed trailers are available, including extendable step decks, drop decks, and removable goosenecks. When transporting heavy equipment or prefabricated construction materials, the flatbed truck company has the necessary equipment.
  • Secured Cargo – Freight moved via a flatbed trailer is more secure. Since these loads are exposed, experts use chains, coil racks, and traps to prevent the cargo from shifting during transport. The secured freight will arrive at its destination unscathed.
  • Dimensional Flexibility – Flatbed trucks offer incredible dimensional flexibility for virtually any size or shape load.
  • Enhanced Convenience – Flatbeds are also more convenient. Unlike hot shot drivers that use manual labor to get loads into and out of trucks and vans, loads on a flatbed are moved carefully and safely using a winch or crane.
  • Continuous Space – Flatbed trucks are just that, trailers with a continuously flat surface. As a result, they can accommodate items that hot shot drivers cannot transport.

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