An Overview on the Rise of Flatbed Shipping Services

Flatbed trucking services have been more in demand than ever in recent years. Some transport companies are swamped with orders that sometimes they had no choice but to deliver slower performance and delayed shipments. There are many trends and factors that have led to the surge in demand for the services of flatbed trucking companies in Ohio and other parts of the United States.

Benefits of Flatbed Services

It is a good idea to examine why a company may choose this method of transportation. One reason is that there are several types of flatbed trailers. Companies can use them for ocean, rail, ground, and air shipping. Flatbeds that you see on roads are not the only types of elongated truck beds. Companies also use trailers, containers, train cars, and others.
Generally, flatbed trucking services are a good idea when you are shipping a large load that is hard to lift without using machinery. These include equipment and construction materials, among other items.

Higher Demand for Imports

One of the main reasons that flatbed shipping companies are seeing a demand upswing is because of the high requirement for imported goods and materials. Cold storage and refrigerated fFlatbed trailers are necessary for transporting these goods from ports like Jacksonville, Houston, and Savannah. These imported products are of high quality and are fairly inexpensive compared to their domestic equivalents.

Higher Demand for Larger Goods

Today, companies move large goods more regularly. The larger the item, then a larger transport is needed. Everything from large electronics to furniture contributes to this trend. Online businesses, in particular, are seeing increased activity and purchases. Many are selling new large items and offer free shipping with the purchase.

Increased Construction Activity

Another reason for the higher demand for flatbed shipping is the booming construction sector. By 2023, the industry will likely have a value of $1,804.8 billion, reflecting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.9%. With the rising number of construction projects, more companies need materials, machinery, and other components. Flatbed trailers transport steel, wood, and other materials because these items do not fit in other transport options.

Boom in the Crude Oil Industry

Besides the thriving import and construction industries, crude oil is also in higher demand. This means that the import and shipping of these goods are on the rise. Because of how large oil containers and drums are, the industry needs the services of flatbed shipping companies.

Choose Only the Best Flatbed Shipping Companies

Individuals and businesses today are finding the need to move bulky and too difficult to lift items. That is why there is such a high demand for flatbed trucking services. If you want to connect with the best flatbed shipping companies, turn to MGA International Logistics. Contact us today to learn how our shipping services can benefit your company.

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