“Greg Grimes got it done. I had an unusual shipment that he took on seriously and professionally. Greg was very responsive and communicative, worked many different angles to get me a good price, and overcame several logistical challenges. I would definitely use MGA again.” ★★★★★

– Ryan Brown (Google, September 2020)

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How to Keep Temperature-Sensitive Freight Safe

Cargo that needs to be stored at specific temperatures – such as medicines and frozen foods – can be rendered unusable or worthless if it is shipped improperly. Though the brunt of the responsibility for temperature-sensitive freight is upon the shipping company, there are several steps that the client company [...]

Hot Shot Trucking Service Considerations

When your resources are limited, hot shot trucking is the ideal transportation mode when you need your items delivered on time and damage-free.

How to Make Hot Shot Trucking Work?

When it comes to shipping cargo, there is no single solution. The multiple factors involved in shipping – including time-sensitivity, fragility, and special factors such as temperature control – require successful shipping companies to perform or hire multiple types of shipping services to meet their customers’ needs. One rapidly growing [...]

Intermodal Transport: What Is It?

The world’s economies frequently involve a vendor or company shipping their goods to their clients, whether they be business-to-business transactions or direct customer deliveries. For shipments of large cargo that need to remain safe, intermodal transport is an option. Intermodal transport utilizes countries’ existing transportation infrastructure to keep shipping costs [...]

COVID-19 And Its Impact on Refrigerated Transport

Many industries have been negatively impacted as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and the political and public responses to it. Refrigerated trucking services saw a significant decline at the beginning of the pandemic. However, the demand for climate-sensitive food and pharmaceuticals rendered some supply chains recession-proof, such as shipments [...]

Considering Expedited Shipping? Let’s Break It Down

Companies in several industries often face situations where timing is critical or even a life-and-death matter. Situations like these often demand that companies move vital goods, parts, or other inventory to a destination with urgency. Expedited shipping is a viable option for these critical situations, and MGA International is an [...]

Understand the Complexity of International Shipping for Your Business

It is a good idea to know more about what is involved in international shipping. That way, you can make a better decision about your options. That might include choosing a logistics company to find the best international freight forwarders for you. Why Is International Shipping Complicated? If your shipment [...]

What Are the Stages of Hot Shot Trucking?

If you need to have goods delivered quicker, you might have heard about hot shot trucking. It means that you have items transported over a longer distance using smaller trucks. That means that you can have the cargo moved faster. It is also less expensive since it only involves smaller [...]

What Will the Shipping Surge This Winter Look Like for Trucking Companies?

As the holiday season gets closer, shipping companies know that their peak business is coming up soon. As the weather begins to cool down, the market will become more active. However, this year, things might look a little different. How different still remains a question. That is why it is [...]

What Is the Difference Between International and Domestic Freight Forwarding?

You might need to ship freight but not know the difference between your options. That might include domestic or international shipping. Knowing the difference between the two can help you make a more informed decision. The right forwarder will act as a source of communication between the shippers and your [...]