Avoid These Mistakes When You Rent a Mercedes Sprinter Van

If you have a business that requires you to deliver goods – perhaps floral bouquets, automotive parts, or even food – to your customers, why not consider a Sprinter van rental. Made by Mercedes-Benz, you can opt for a Sprinter van service offered by a reputable shipping company as opposed to buying one. That way, you’ll have reliable transportation at a more affordable price.

There’s even a Sprinter camper van rental for you and your family to enjoy. Of course, if your business requires you to travel long distances from home, this rental allows you to sleep in a comfortable environment while avoiding the high cost of a hotel room every night. If you shuttle people from one location to another, you could opt for one of the larger vans.

Regardless of your situation, there are a few things to avoid with a Sprinter van rental. Unfortunately, some people sign a contract with the first company they find only to discover their mistake after the fact. To ensure you rent the right van at a competitive rate, it’s imperative that you work with a respected company. Avoid mistakes by considering the following:

  • Rental Source – Always use a Sprinter van service from a trusted source. The company you select should remain 100 percent transparent with everything. That way, you know beforehand all the requirements, pricing, and other factors, thereby avoiding unpleasant clauses or hidden fees.
  • Types – Along with vans commonly used for delivery services and the Sprinter camper van rental if you need a place to sleep, there are other options available from a trusted source. Aside from the more traditional cargo van, you can also choose a five-row passenger van that accommodates up to 15 people or a two-row crew van, which seats as many as six people, combined with cargo space. Make sure you select the right van for your specific needs.
  • Sizes – Before you go through a Sprinter van service, determine how much interior space you need. Mercedes gives you three wheel-base sizes, ranging from 144 to 170 inches. You also want to think about the height of the roof. For instance, if you plan to take passengers from the airport to their hotels, you want enough space for a 6-foot-tall person to stand without slumping over. The Sprinter van even comes in different weight capacities. Again, based on what you plan to haul or transport, you would select between the 8,500-pound and 11,030-pound option.
  • Power – If you plan to haul relatively heavy cargo, you need a Sprinter van rental with a V6 engine. Otherwise, you could select the four-cylinder, which still provides plenty of power yet better fuel efficiency.

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