Avoiding Unexpected Freight Accessorials While Shipping

When it comes to shipping, freight accessorials are quite common. However, they can become a nightmare if you cannot account for them. Extra charges, also known as accessorial charges, occur when unexpected services or time delays occur outside of the quote. You can avoid many common unexpected accessorials by using the right flatbed trucking services and following a few of the steps listed below.

What Are Freight Accessorials?

A freight accessorial is a service that happens outside of traditional transportation. Once the company identifies it, they will add it to your invoice to make up for the extra work. All shipments can be subject to accessorial charges. Adjusting your business practices can help you avoid these unexpected charges.

Adjustments for Dimension, Weight, and Oversize Load

Often, an automated system will take the measurements of your shipment. The dimensionalizer calculates the weight of your freight and its dimensions quickly. It is a good idea to get your own dimensionalizer. But if you cannot, then you should follow the best practices for hand measurements. If you make sure that the load is shorter than 12 feet, you are more likely to avoid extra charges.

Accuracy in the Bill of Lading

This is one of the most important aspects when it comes to flatbed shipping companies. A bill of lading gives the carrier all of the details needed to invoice and process a shipment accurately. For example, the dimensions, delivery address, and class are all on the bill of lading. If you need a liftgate, it is important to pre-order this requirement and the bill of lading should have this noted as well. You should take extra care when placing your order requirements and filling out the bill of lading as it is a vital piece of information.

Educating Employees

Many times, unexpected freight accessorials happen when employees do not measure the freight properly. Other times, it happens when the employees do not correctly fill out the bill of lading. It is a good idea for employees to know about accessorials to avoid extra charges. Even your best employees can benefit from a little bit of extra education on good practices at your company.

Schedule pick-up and Deliveries Appointments so the Flatbed Equipment and Operator are not Delayed.

Flatbed equipment and their operators are specialized and costly if detained. Make sure your company is ready to receive them and the goods they delivery will prevent one of the most common accessorial charges know as detention.

Choose One of the Best Flatbed Transportation Companies

Using these practices will help you avoid extra surprise charges on your shipment. However, using flatbed trucking services with a logistics freight service provider whenever you can also is helpful.

A company such as MGA International Logistics can handle every part of your shipment. That way, it will comply with all regulations, so you will not need to deal with unexpected charges. Contact our company today to learn more about how we can help you reduce your charges and maximize your profits.

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