Benefits of Hiring Trucking Companies for Freight

You might be aware of the more obvious benefits of using trucking companies for moving freight, but you may not realize there are many others. A prime trucking company with a solid safety record, outstanding services, years of experience, and unrivaled expertise offers far more benefits than do standard freight shipping companies. If you need freight transported, start by creating a list of Canadian trucking companies that meet these criteria. You can then make comparisons to identify the best company for your needs.

  • Multilevel Services – One benefit is the level of available services. Reputable trucking companies specialize in many different areas, including LTL and FTL shipping, flatbed trucking, heavy hauling, intermodal transport services, same- and next-day delivery, expedited shipping, freight management, logistics, warehousing, and more. Because of that, you have the opportunity to build a relationship with one source for all of your needs as opposed to using several companies. Not only does this make a difference in the caliber of service provided, it can result in cost savings.
  • Appropriate Trucks and Trailers – Because prime trucking companies offer a variety of services, they are required to maintain a fleet of trucks and trailers. Regardless of your type of freight, even something oversized or overweight, having quick and easy access to whatever they need makes it possible for these companies to deliver your goods on time.
  • Less Risk of Damage – When using less-than-load trucking services, your freight is handled only at the pickup and drop-off point. With fewer hands involved and less movement of your goods, the level of the risk for something getting damaged declines significantly. Especially for high-dollar freight, this is essential.
  • Better Pricing For less-than-load shipments, trucking companies calculate the price of moving freight on a per-mile basis, which is less expensive than a per-pound pricing structure. Although everyone enjoys saving money, this is extremely beneficial for small and startup businesses that may have a limited budget.
  • Community Support – There are also benefits of hiring a trucking company from the same community where you live or work. Not only is communication better, which typically equates to enhanced service and lower price, this gives you the opportunity to give back to your community.

No matter what type of freight you need assistance with, our professionals at MGA International have the experience and expertise required for a seamless transaction. Please visit our website for more information or call us today.

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