Benefits of Using LTL Trucking Companies for Your Business

In the trucking industry, the acronym “LTL” stands for “less than load,” meaning instead of an entire truck, cargo fills only a portion of it. Although slight differences exist among the various LTL trucking companies, most provide this service for goods ranging anywhere between 150 pounds and 10,000 pounds. In most cases, once a load exceeds the top limit, it becomes an FTL or full truckload.

Whether you need goods shipped within the same city or to an entirely different state, it is essential you select the right source among local trucking companies. The reason is the caliber and cost of the service varies from one to the other. The best company has years of experience and unrivaled expertise providing LTL trucking services while keeping its rates competitive.

While there are many others, the following are some examples of the benefits using LTL trucking services from a trusted source.

  • Fast Delivery – Typically, a full truckload requires more in-depth logistics that slow delivery down. In comparison, a partially filled truck ensures a faster shipping process. Instead of waiting until you have enough things to fill an entire truck, you can have small shipments delivered.
  • Cost-Effective – The cost savings of using one of the best local trucking companies for an LTL service is perhaps the most significant benefit. Rather than hire an entire truck, you pay only for the portion used. Although the truck might be full, the cargo inside belongs to more than one customer, each paying for the space used. In the end, you spend a fraction of the cost of an FTL service.
  • Versatility – Something else worth noting is that reputable LTL trucking companies offer more versatility than those focusing solely on FTL services. For instance, a highly respected company would provide inside delivery, freeze protection, non-commercial pickup or delivery service, before delivery notification, and more.
  • Protection – Before shipping starts, a reputable company will carefully package every item as part of its LTL service. Ultimately, you can expect your goods to arrive in the same condition as when they left. Unfortunately, damage to goods occurs more often with FTL shipping.

While LTL trucking services benefit every customer, they are especially advantageous for smaller companies on a relatively tight budget. Without spending a fortune to have cargo shipped, these businesses have a fair playing field with larger corporations. For peace of mind knowing your cargo will arrive on time and unscathed, it is imperative you conduct business with the right shipping company.

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