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For shipping goods from one location to another, LTL trucking companies are an excellent solution. LTL trucking is a term used to describe Less Than Truckload. With a Full Truckload carrier, known as FTL, a 48- or 53-foot trailer is completely full. In comparison, LTL carriers do not require a full trailer.

To understand the LTL industry better, consider that FTL is a full truck consisting of one product being delivered to the same customer. For example, mattresses would be moved from the manufacturer to the distribution center. With LTL trucking, goods from several different customers are loaded onto a single truck. Because of this, the shipping costs are less than FTL, although shipments can take a little longer to reach their destinations.

For both residential and commercial pickups and deliveries, LTL transportation companies utilize trucks designed with special features. In addition, they provide a variety of benefits, including affordable rates, guaranteed services, and more.

Throughout North America, LTL transportation companies are essential. This type of service provides endless possibilities. Typically, LTL shipping companies use enclosed or covered trailers. As for access, the trailers are designed with rollup doors that make loading and unloading easy. For perishables, frozen products, and more, LTL transportation companies offer refrigerated trailers.

For interstate pickups and deliveries, LTL shipping companies use two tandem trailers. This is done because the loaded goods have been presorted for each destination. This allows the driver to drop goods off at coordination terminals along the route. As for city pickups and deliveries, LTL transportation companies typically rely on day cab trucks. Due to their shorter length, these trucks are not equipped with a sleeper but are still highly efficient.

Most drivers that use day cab trucks have a pallet jack on hand. That way, the freight height can be adjusted as needed while maneuvering through the city. Most of these trucks are equipped with carefully placed terminals, making it possible to consolidate all freight being picked up and delivered.

In looking at different companies, take the time to compare available packages, services, and various other options to ensure that you get the best deal possible. While services may be similar from one company to the next, there are always differences that could save you money. Ultimately, you want to hire a reputable company that has appropriate insurance coverage, as well as experienced, skilled, and licensed drivers.

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