We have made several trips to Toronto for the 2013 PGA Championship and over the course of those trips we have gotten to know the principles of this organization well. They are headquartered in Toronto and are great people. If you need to reach out to them, ask for Greg or Brad Grimes and let them know you heard of them through this note and they will take good care of you.

- Ryan Cannon (Championship Director, 2013 PGA Championship)


Cargo Claims Tips To Protect Your Company

What’s New for Canadian Truck Drivers in 2019?

There is a list of a few new trucking laws that have occurred this past year. These new changes are coming into effect mainly because of the Humboldt Broncos bus crash that happened last year that left 16 dead after a Junior Hockey Team’s bus collided with a semi-truck. This [...]

A Receiver’s Checklist for Product Arrival

Every receiving company has specific guidelines they must follow when a shipment arrives at the destination. Checking serial numbers, reviewing temperature recordings, documenting specific items, logging the delivery time, and advising the other parties of a possible rejection immediately once it happens are all involved in this process. Lowboy trucking [...]

A Checklist Every Shipper Needs Prior to Loading

A checklist can be an essential tool that a shipping company uses regularly. The destination needs to be listed, as well as the receiver’s requirements, the time of arrival provided, so no problems take place. This can save both the cargo shipping companies and the receiver a ton of time [...]

7 Things to Look For Before Selecting Supply Chain Partners

Choosing supply chain partners can be a tough task. Best practice is to define and document the criteria that any future supply chain partners must meet before doing business together. These include the following seven things that you should look for before selecting a supply chain partner for your sprinter [...]

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When you have a large and heavy load that needs to be transported, it is important that you choose the best oversize load trucking companies.

The Future of Sustainable Freight Hauling in Canada

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7 Point Checklist for Choosing a Trucking Company, If shipping less than a Truckload

When you have items to ship, they need to get to their destination, even if that load is less than truckload (LTL). Your time and products are important, so finding LTL trucking companies who will work with you is important. Working with Local Trucking Companies As a business, it’s vital [...]

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Differences Between Double Drop Flatbed Carriers & Double Deck Flatbed Carriers

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