How Is a Step Deck Trailer Different From a Flatbed Trailer?

You have most likely seen many flatbed trailers attached to semis over the years, and you may not have thought much about this. This is a very popular combination when it comes to hauling large items. That is because they are versatile. But another popular type is a step deck [...]

An Overview on the Rise of Flatbed Shipping Services

Flatbed trucking services have been more in demand than ever in recent years. Some transport companies are swamped with orders that sometimes they had no choice but to deliver slower performance and delayed shipments. There are many trends and factors that have led to the surge in demand for the [...]

Advantages of Hot Shot Trucking Companies in the Supply Chain

When it comes to ensuring that your goods arrive on time, third-party logistics plays a big role in the supply chain. This is where hot shot trucking comes in. Hot shot carriers optimize the delivery process and give your customers added convenience. What Is Hot Shot Delivery? Hot shot trucking [...]

Trucking Demand Rises In-spite of COVID-19 Outbreak

Transportation has allowed the movement to both people and things. This has created a global transportation network that has made the world smaller.

Why Is Trucking an Essential Service in the Global Coronavirus Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic is a health threat like no other that the modern world has seen before. Now, the trucking industry is more essential than ever. After every natural disaster, trucks proved to be one of the most efficient methods of delivering equipment and supplies to different companies. Local trucking [...]

Shipping Companies: Determining the Impact of COVID-19

The effects of coronavirus on the global shipping industry could last for many weeks or even several months. The last time something so big affected the shipping sector was during the Great Recession of 2008-2009. Even though there are different reasons, the impact on flatbed shipping companies has been much [...]

Rise in Demand for Trucking Despite the Outbreak of COVID-19

This year has started off with everything from floods to droughts to a virus. The way that companies and governments have responded has impacted nearly everyone in the world. Both global and local transportation systems have seen the effects, as well. The pressure to shut down the operations of many [...]

How a Sprinter Van Service Can Prove Advantageous to You

There is a wide number of benefits that you can gain by using a Sprinter van service for your company. This can provide you with everything that you need. A regular cargo van is not always the best when you need to move a large load of items. A regular [...]

What Would It Look Like If Truckers Stopped Trucking?

You might not realize it, but the world depends on the trucking industry. According to the Nova Scotia Trucking Safety Association, more than 90 percent of consumer products and foods in Canada move by truck. The effects of the industry ending would be drastic. There have already been examples on [...]

Avoiding Unexpected Freight Accessorials While Shipping

When it comes to shipping, freight accessorials are quite common. However, they can become a nightmare if you cannot account for them. Extra charges, also known as accessorial charges, occur when unexpected services or time delays occur outside of the quote. You can avoid many common unexpected accessorials by using [...]