Checklist for Selecting the Best Container Shipping Companies

Do you need to have cargo shipped to a different country? If so, it’s imperative that you hire one of the top-rated international freight shipping companies available. With years of experience and a logistics specialist on staff, you have the assurance of your cargo arriving on schedule and without damage. Just remember, not all container shipping companies are equal. To make the process easier, follow this helpful checklist.

  • Goods – Before you even start researching various international shipping companies, you need a firm understanding of the cargo involved. While that might seem straightforward, it can make a difference in the service you receive and the price quoted. In exchange for passing that information on to companies, you’ll receive options and estimates. With that, you have actual information to compare.
  • Experience – Always look at what experience different container shipping companies have. That’s not to say that younger companies provide poor quality service, just that one with a long history of excellence has proven its worth.
  • Reputation – As part of your research for the best international freight companies, pay close attention to what others have to say. Typically, when you see a lot of positive customer feedback and online posts, you’ll feel more confident choosing one company over another. In addition, check out each company’s rating with the Better Business Bureau and other related sites like the Canadian Transportation Agency.
  • Solutions – When researching several international shipping companies, it’s essential that you choose one that can accommodate your specific needs. For instance, shipping companies usually take a more traditional approach when shipping dry goods, whereas, for perishables, you’ll need one with refrigerated containers. Also, confirm if the provider you are considering has the right container size, which ranges from 20 to 40 feet.
  • Logistics – Regardless of which container shipping companies you look at, be sure the one you hire has a full-time logistics expert. That individual has the responsibility of charting the course, choosing the appropriate transportation, monitoring your shipment throughout the process, and even arranging temporary or permanent warehousing through a trusted third-party if required. The logistics specialist also keeps customers informed throughout the shipping process. That way, you always know the location and progress of your shipment.
  • Online Tools – Many of the most reputable international shipping companies offer online tools that allow you to monitor the progress of your goods. If you prefer to be more hands-on, this is an excellent option.

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