Checklist You Should Follow Before Choosing Flatbed Trucking Companies

Following a detailed checklist is an excellent way to ensure you hire one of the best flatbed trucking companies. Although these companies offer the same type of service, the competence of each varies. Customers rely on flatbed freight trucking companies to ship all sorts of expensive goods, including machinery, vehicles, construction materials, and more. Therefore, it helps to have a list to follow to prevent you from overlooking something of importance.

You want to avoid hiring a company that uses inexperienced drivers, has a run-down fleet, or even worse, does not have the proper license or insurance. Unfortunately, these are all things some customers have faced. Among the various things you need to check off your list, the following are the most crucial.

  • Selection – Come up with a list of flatbed trucking companies with stellar ratings. For this, you want to check customer reviews and feedback posted on industry-related websites, verify certificates of operation, and so on. A company with a positive reputation speaks volumes as to what you can expect. From that list, narrow the possibilities to two or three of the best-rated companies.
  • Licensing and Insurance – You should have current licensing and proper insurance at or near the top of the checklist. Even if every business on your short list of flatbed trucking companies claims to have both, always request proof. A legitimate company will have no problem accommodating your request.
  • Fleet – The journey is only as good as the truck used. The best flatbed freight trucking companies have a superior quality fleet. Not only are the trucks new, but a team of experts also maintains these vehicles. As a result, you never have to worry about a break down that would delay your shipment.
  • Tarping – Depending on the goods you need to ship, they may require protection. For instance, if you need a load of drywall delivered to a construction site, rain would destroy everything. Without a cover, the elements pose a potential risk to the cargo.
  • Security – The method used to secure loads should also be on your checklist. Before you lock into a contract with just any one of the many flatbed trucking companies, find out if they use straps or chains. Preferably, choose a company that uses both. However, if you find a company you feel confident hiring but it only uses chains to keep loads secure during transport, make sure there is no risk of damage to your cargo.
  • Drivers – Some people interested in hiring a flatbed company feel embarrassed to ask questions about the drivers. As the customer, this is both your right and responsibility. The goal is to select a company that not only performs a thorough background check to ensure the drivers have the necessary experience and license, but also no criminal history.

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