How to Choose Your International Shipping Company

Do you need to hire an international freight shipping company but have no idea how to get started? With the information provided, you can identify several of the best freight shipping companies, followed by comparing what each one offers. That way, you can select the one that best matches your needs and budget.

  • Invest in Research – Considering the importance of the service provided, it is essential that you spend adequate time on research. Ultimately, you want to narrow your choices down to about three companies and then dig deeper for information. Primarily, focus on reputation, safety record, customer satisfaction, and the health of the company’s relationships with carriers.
  • Tracking Ability – Any company that offers international shipping should utilize a cutting-edge freight shipping tracking system. Unless a company can monitor the progress of your goods throughout the entire journey, there is no way to identify a potential problem to prevent a costly delay. Therefore, advanced technology for monitoring purposes is essential.
  • Personal Recommendations – If you have connections with individuals or businesses that use international shipping on a regular basis, ask for recommendations. While word of mouth is powerful, you still have to do your due diligence in selecting the right company.
  • Type of Freight – Typically, reputable companies can handle virtually anything, but for peace of mind, make sure any companies on your short list can accommodate your specific goods.
  • Experience, Professionalism, and Expertise – All three of these factors also play a vital role in the company that you hire. Not only do you want to deal with people who treat you and your freight with the utmost respect, but you also need a company with years of experience and specialized expertise in the international logistics and shipping industry.
  • Insurance Protection – Make sure that you look at companies that have the right type and level of insurance protection. That way, if something goes missing or gets damaged during transit, you have full replacement coverage.
  • Pricing – Although the cost to ship freight overseas is not the most critical factor, it is still essential. Therefore, as you compare several of the top companies, be sure to consider how much each one will charge for the same service.

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