Choosing Flatbed Truck Shipping

Flatbed truck shipping is a popular and in-demand service. However, compared to other shipping options, flatbed transportation is unique. Using this method of shipping is beneficial in a number of ways beyond being cost-efficient and convenient.

Benefits of Flatbed Truck Shipping

Flatbed trucks have no walls or roof, leaving only a flat surface on which cargo is loaded and hauled. Because of the unique trailer design, typically flatbeds are the preferred method of moving large and heavy loads. For virtually any type of freight that does not fit in a closed trailer, flatbed truck shipping is the perfect solution.

  • Loading Capabilities – Although flatbed truck shipping is physically demanding, freight is loaded in most instances with the aid of a crane. This ensures an even and safe load while cutting down on physical labor.
  • Continuous Deck Space – Because flatbeds offer continuous deck space, drivers move all types of heavy and large cargo beyond equipment and material used by construction companies such as cranes, bulldozers, and building materials. Flatbeds are the ideal solution for things like sections of airplanes, generators, automobiles, and more.
  • Loading Options – Another one of the benefits of flatbed truck shipping has to do with loading options. With a closed trailer, cargo can only be loaded by entering and exiting the rear but with a flatbed, freight is loaded from behind, above, or the sides.

Additional Factors

While flatbed truck shipping offers many benefits, there is some potential risk. To prevent something from going wrong, you want to hire a reputable company, one that has years of experience specific to flatbed hauling but also a company with exceptional drivers.

At MGA International Logistics, we offer both. For flatbed truck shipping as well as other transportation options, we have a solid history of excellence. We take every precaution, regardless of the type of freight. As part of this, we use only qualified drivers who have experience with flatbeds and understand the dangers of being on an open surface some 10 to 15 feet off the ground when securing chains and straps.

Due to exposure to the elements, at MGA International Logistics we use heavy-duty tarps to cover valuable freight, thereby preventing damage. Other components and equipment used to ensure the safe delivery of your freight include coil racks and traps.

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