Most Common Uses of Flatbed Trucks

Because reputable flatbed transportation companies maintain a quality fleet of trucks and utilize state-of-the-art equipment for loading and unloading, they offer customers a unique service. With flatbed trucks, cargo gets loaded from the tops and sides. Also, with a continuously flat surface, this method of transporting goods is more versatile than others. For those reasons, flatbed transportation trucks accommodate all kinds of freight.

In looking at the most common uses of flatbed trucks, you can see the value that this transportation method provides. Following are some examples of what flatbed transportation carriers accommodate, although there are many others.

  • Building and Construction Materials – Along with metal piping, I-Beams, steel frames, concrete, and various other construction materials, a flatbed truck transports large and heavy equipment, including backhoes, cranes, bobcats, and so on. This type of transportation also handles bricks, lumber, scaffolding, scrap metal, and even prefabricated materials. When using trusses, building and construction that would not fit inside of an enclosed box trailer hang over the edge of a flatbed.
  • Landscaping Materials – With an average bed length of 12 to 20 feet, a flatbed is perfect for transporting all kinds of landscaping materials, including mature trees, lumber, tools, and equipment. As an example of why this transportation method is so beneficial, consider hauling mature trees. The only way to transport these trees in an enclosed truck is by laying them down, which could easily cause damage. In comparison, the trees stand upright on a flatbed, thereby eliminating any risk.
  • Baled Tires – Every year, millions of tires get stockpiled in North America. Along with a lot of waste, the tires create a breeding ground for vermin and insects and create a fire hazard. Baled tires, which are automobile tires banded together with wire, get transported on flatbed tires for use as road fill, erosion control, retaining walls, impact barriers, and more. Considering that a single bale, which is equivalent to 100 tires, weighs roughly one ton, flatbed services are the only viable option.
  • Equipment Hauling – Flatbed transportation trucks are ideal for large and heavy equipment used by ranchers, farmers, the military, and the aerospace and aviation industries. Using a flatbed for the transportation of airplane parts, military tanks, Humvees, and other equipment is safer than other options out there.

For peace of mind in getting your freight delivered, you can count on us. At MGA International Logistics, we offer a host of transportation solutions, including flatbeds. Visit us online or call to speak with a company representative to learn more.

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