Considerations When Shipping Your Freight

If you have cargo to ship, whether locally or long-distance, it’s essential that you hire a freight trucking company with experience and unparalleled expertise. Unfortunately, some customers go with the first name that pops up without doing any due diligence. Only after their goods arrive late or damaged do they realize their mistake of not taking several key factors into consideration.

Remember, all freight trucking companies offer somewhat different solutions and varying prices. The goal is to hire a company with the type of freight trucking services that you need and at a cost that fits your budget. To ensure a streamlined process, consider the following.

  • Type of Cargo – For starters, some freight trucking companies only have the equipment to accommodate the shipment of dry goods. Therefore, if you need to ship produce, frozen foods, certain pharmaceutical medications, hazardous materials, and so on, it’s imperative that you choose a company with superior-quality refrigerated trucks. Simply put, make sure the trucking company you select can accommodate your type of cargo.
  • Communication – You can gauge the level of professionalism and dedication of a freight trucking company by its communication with you. From your first phone call to the driver who delivers your cargo, you should expect someone willing to do whatever it takes to ensure your complete satisfaction. If a company seems put off by answering your questions and providing pertinent information, you know it’s not the right one.
  • Cost-Saving Solutions – Freight trucking companies that employ a seasoned logistics expert help save the customer money. The reason is that this individual is responsible for charting not only the safest but also the shortest route. As a result, there’s less road to cover, meaning your cargo arrives on schedule as promised and for a more cost-effective price.
  • Insurance – By law, every freight trucking company must provide limited liability coverage, at a minimum. The amount you pay for that protection depends on the company you hire, as well as the type of cargo. However, because limited liability insurance might not cover the actual value of your goods, look at companies that offer full replacement coverage. Otherwise, you’ll want to speak with your insurance carrier about additional protection.
  • Fleet – The quality of the fleet that a freight trucking company maintains dictates the quality of the service you receive. Another important consideration when shipping cargo is to select a company with well-maintained trucks of varying types. With that, you never have to worry about a delay in your shipment due to a broken-down truck or damaged goods because the refrigerated trailer failed to work properly.


One of the many things that make us at MGA International Logistics unique from other freight trucking companies is that we always strive to surpass our customers’ expectations. For information on how we can help with your cargo, give us a call today.

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