Considering Expedited Shipping? Let’s Break It Down

Companies in several industries often face situations where timing is critical or even a life-and-death matter. Situations like these often demand that companies move vital goods, parts, or other inventory to a destination with urgency. Expedited shipping is a viable option for these critical situations, and MGA International is an international expedited shipping company that can help companies complete their mission-critical shipments.

The Definition of “Expedited Shipping”

Expedited shipping is the process of using shipping resources to dramatically reduce the transit time for cargo. One example of time-cutting measures is to have two truck drivers operate the same truck to the final destination while the drivers operate in shifts to reduce the number and length of stops. It’s common for expedited trucking companies to have no stops between the pickup center and the destination.

When Companies Should Consider Expedited Shipping

Expedited shipping is a good option for time-sensitive deliveries; shipments can be expedited regardless of the shipment’s quantity, size, and weight. Emergency supplies should always be sent via expedited shipping. Expedited trucking companies are a good choice for manufacturing operations that require constant resupplying, when a company requires replacement parts, or for maintenance for mission-critical equipment.

Factors to Consider When Using Expedited Shipping

The speed of expedited shipping comes at a higher cost. Searching online for expedited trucking companies can help shippers find a company that is both reliable and relatively inexpensive. Critical shipments often require frequent updates, so companies that offer online tracking services and updates should be given preference. The ability to specify shipping options – such as the number of trucks being used and how full each truck will be – can be vital in either keeping costs low or taking advantage of a country’s infrastructure to increase the cargo’s safety and reduce transit times.

MGA International is an international expedited shipping company that provides service to Canada, the United States of America, and Mexico. With over 20 years of experience, and our guarantee that we will not over-promise nor under-deliver, we can safely and swiftly transport your cargo, regardless of its size and quantity. We are one of the few expedited trucking companies that will ship perishable goods as well as dry goods. New and current customers can access our contact page to estimate shipping times, subscribe to our email list, submit questions, and request price quotes. We can also be reached via phone at (844) 334-0039.

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