COVID-19 And Its Impact on Refrigerated Transport

Many industries have been negatively impacted as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and the political and public responses to it. Refrigerated trucking services saw a significant decline at the beginning of the pandemic. However, the demand for climate-sensitive food and pharmaceuticals rendered some supply chains recession-proof, such as shipments to grocery stores and hospitals. The increase in frozen food consumption and the recent completion of the first coronavirus vaccine are driving factors in the stability of refrigerated shipping. MGA International is an experienced and professional refrigerated trucking company that can perform expedited shipping of virtually any climate-sensitive cargo.

The Initial Impact of the Coronavirus

The emergence of the coronavirus and the world governments’ reaction to the pandemic stalled refrigerated transport. The closure of non-essential services led to reduced shipping operations, with many countries reporting up to a 20% reduction in overall truck traffic. Most supply lines pertaining to non-essential services – both refrigerated and standard – either fell drastically or shut down completely.

The Need for Trucking Increases as the Coronavirus Pandemic Continues

As people stayed home more frequently, they purchased and consumed more frozen foods. Stay-at-home mandates and people voluntarily staying home led to increases in online orders and eating meals at home, providing additional boosts to the trucking industry in general. In addition, the need for pharmaceuticals – including those which needed to be kept at low temperatures – increased. Currently, neither the uptrend in frozen food nor the importance of fresh pharmaceuticals have shown signs of slowing.

Measures That Trucking Companies Can Take to Survive the Coronavirus Pandemic

The health of the employees and the customers should be the top priority; money and jobs can be replaced in time, but the coronavirus has permanent effects even when a patient survived a coronavirus infection. Trucking services should meet or exceed all CDC and government guidelines and regulations to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Refrigerated trucking services are more likely to remain strong during the pandemic, but fostering and strengthening relationships with customers can provide further future-proofing results. The information that customers provide can help trucking companies anticipate upcoming needs or offer means to reduce costs or shorten delivery times.

Entrust MGA International with Your Climate-Sensitive Cargo

MGA International is a premier refrigerated trucking company that offers climate-controlled shipping for full truckloads of cargo within Canada, the United States of America, and Mexico. We have nearly two decades of experience with refrigerated shipments, and our climate-controlled trailers are specifically designed to keep temperatures constant to dramatically reduce the risk of cargo spoiling. New and current customers can access our contact page to estimate shipping times, subscribe to our email list, submit questions, and request price quotes. We can also be reached via phone at (844) 334-0039.

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