Costs Associated with Flatbed Transportation Carriers

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Costs of flatbed transportation carriers are somewhat challenging to nail down for a number of reasons. However, to ensure you get the best price, coupled with exceptional logistics and transportation services, you need to consider only the best companies. At MGA International Logistics, we offer exceptional planning, organization, and management, but also use highly skilled drivers for every haul.

Challenges with Costs

Following are some of the factors that determine the cost charged by flatbed transportation carriers. Just remember at MGA International Logistics, our prices are always competitive regardless.

  • Type of Truck – We have a full line of flatbed trucks available at MGA International Logistics. Each truck has a unique design and load capacity. The cost of shipping your freight will depend on the exact type of truck used. For instance, if you need extra tall cargo shipped, our driver would likely choose a Lowboy whereas for extremely long freight, we would probably go with an Extendable flatbed.
  • Distance – We also provide shipping services for customers in both Canada and the United States. Some customers need cargo shipped within Canada or the US while others need freight to cross borders. Therefore, the actual distance of the haul is another determining factor of cost for flatbed transportation carriers.
  • Special Permits – If a special permit is required based on the type, size, or weight of the cargo hauled, you will be required to pay an additional fee.
  • Schedule – Similar to other flatbed transportation carriers, at MGA International Logistics we offer conventional and expedited services. Obviously, the cost of a rush shipment is going to be greater than that of a conventional shipment.
  • Weather and Geographic –Demand for flatbed trucks changes along with the season. For instance, when winter approaches, demand for flatbed trucks diminishes in those areas. However, areas that are warmer and drier tend to see an increase in demand. Therefore, the weather and location going between the point of origin and final destination will also affect overall cost.
  • Economic Factors – Flatbed transportation carriers to include us at MGA International Logistics also charge according to economic factors. In other words, when the price of oil and gas is up, prices increase whereas when oil and gas prices decrease, we make appropriate adjustments to the cost of shipping services.
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