Do’s and Don’ts When Hiring Lowboy Trucking Services

A lot of people never give much thought to the trucking industry although they depend on the delivery of goods. The variety of trucks used and provided services is just one thing that makes this business unique. Among those are lowboy trucking services, which play a critical role in the operations of many companies.

Although you might feel tempted to quickly hire one of the lowboy trucking companies you find, before signing on the dotted line, learn a few do’s and don’ts. After all, the caliber of service and the price you pay for lowboy transport services vary from one company to the next.


Spend time thoroughly researching any lowboy trucking companies of interest. You want to hire one with an excellent safety record and a reputation for providing stellar solutions at an affordable price. Preferably, select a company with a long history, which for you as the customer will prove highly beneficial.

Also, as part of its lowboy trucking services, a reliable carrier should have a fleet of superior quality trucks. The last thing you want to worry about is your cargo arriving late because a vehicle broke down somewhere along the road. Especially for projects with tight deadlines, you need the assurance that your freight will arrive onsite as promised by the company you hired.

Make sure the type of lowboy transport services you choose includes insurance. Reputable companies maintain all proper licenses for operating the business as well as protection in the form of insurance. As the potential customer, you have both the right and responsibility to ask for proof. A legitimate company will gladly provide whatever you need to feel assured in making your decision to hire.


While it would be nice to take people at their word, when it comes to lowboy trucking services, you cannot afford to make that mistake. As part of your research, come prepared with a list of questions. However, before hiring, verify the information provided to you. Confirm that companies have a brick and mortar address, licensed and professional drivers, a stellar safety record, and so on.

Having someone provide you with a reference helps when searching for the best lowboy trucking companies. But just because someone you know had a positive experience does not mean you will too. Again, this is where you need to personally invest a little time to look at the details. You can always narrow down your choices by using recommendations, but the final decision should depend on what you uncover.

Finally, never accept a quote without having a company representative learn about your freight. In other words, if someone throws out a figure but asks no questions, you should move on to the next candidate.

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