E-commerce and its impact on the trucking industry

When you think about all the different types of cargo that transportation companies handle, it’s no wonder they’re incredibly busy. However, there’s one thing in particular that impacts an international logistics company, as well as local trucking companies the most and that is e-commerce.

How E-commerce Affects Cargo Shipping Companies

Before the internet, people either purchased merchandise through mail-order catalogs or visited retailers in person. Today, they log on to the internet for a faster and more convenient shopping experience. As expected, the surge in sales impacted cargo shipping companies.

Now, you can log onto your computer or most mobile devices, find the items you want, and with a few clicks have them sent to you quickly and efficiently. As stated, e-commerce travels the globe. So you can easily order something from another country and an international logistics company will start the ball rolling.

Once the merchandise makes it to your state or province it’s then passed off to one of the partnered local trucking companies to deliver it to your front door. The transportation industry must work like a well-oiled machine to ensure a seamless process.

Remember e-commerce consists of both buyers and sellers. Say an individual operates an in-home business that consists of selling top-quality vitamins to online consumers. That person would then use one of the best cargo shipping companies twice. The first instance is to have the products delivered to their home. The second is to send the products to the paying customer.

The Growth of Retail Warehousing

While small transactions between sellers and buyers impact cargo shipping companies, big retailers put even more demand on the transportation industry. Just look at large corporations like Amazon. It continually builds massive retail warehouses around the globe.

With a promise to provide products quickly, this company relies on an international logistics company and various local trucking companies. This requires professional logistics to ensure a seamless process of moving freight from one location to another.

Facing Challenges

To accommodate the vast number of people who buy goods online, cargo shipping companies do a phenomenal job. However, since transporting freight involves both buyers and sellers and it reaches around the world, the transportation industry also faces some challenges.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle has to do with finding qualified drivers. Currently, local trucking companies need more people to get deliveries made on time. Especially as experts predict the current shortage of drivers will only worsen, cargo shipping companies will need to make further changes.

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