Ensuring your FTL shipments arrive undamaged

There are many rules that truckload carriers have to follow when securing, transporting, and loading the items for delivery. These regulations are important to follow, so you can understand how your full truckload shipping companies will move your items.

Placing the Cargo

If the items might roll, the transport company should restrain them using wedges, chocks, and cradles. That way, the items will be secured and delivered unscathed. Plus, any method that prevents rolling should stay in place without coming loose when the truck moves.

Using Transverse Tie Downs

Where your cargo items stay next to each other and stay secure with transverse tie downs, there are a few considerations. First, the items need to stay in contact with each other. Second, the tie downs should prevent the items from moving during transport.

Tie Down Limits

It is important that full truck load companies in the USA follow the working load limit for the tie downs that they use to secure one or more articles. This limit should be about 1.5 times the total weight of everything that is getting tied down. Additionally, the limit is one half for each tie down that moves from one vehicle’s anchor point to the item’s anchor point.

Weight Regulations

There are limits when it comes to the total weight that carriers can have, including axle weight. That means that heavier trucks can’t carry as much weight as lighter trucks. For example, if you have pallets that each weigh around 2,200 pounds, and the full truckload weighs 44,000 pounds, then divide that by each pallet’s weight.

That will tell you the total number that each of the full truckload shipping companies can carry. In this case, it would be 20 pallets in total. This lets you get the most value out of the shipment while following the rules.

Turning Pallets

Not every pallet is four-way. If you select a four-way pallet, the forklift can pick it up from any side easily. That gives more flexibility when it comes to loading that pallet. If you are shipping a lighter item, then you can turn the pallet sideways. That way, you can use more volume if you have not reached the trailer load value yet.

Choose the Right FTL Trucking Shipping Services

There are many regulations covering shipments of full truck loads, so it is helpful to choose the right shipping service provider. Reputable full truck load companies in the USA will ensure that they meet all of the requirements to keep your shipment legal. Feel free to reach out to MGA International Logistics today to learn more about our FTL trucking shipping services and how these can benefit you.

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