EXPEDITED SHIPPING: Your supply chain problem-solver

Once businesses discovered a faster way to get goods delivered, a segment of the transport industry took off. For cargo categorized as time-sensitive or critical, expedited shipping companies offer a working solution.

Hot Shot Trucking Companies

More precisely, hot shot trucking companies captured a niche market. They make it possible for businesses to get things shipped quickly without compromising on the quality of the service. Although these expedited trucking companies don’t haul oversized or overweight cargo, they can cater to multiple industries.

Hot shot trucking companies utilize vehicles that can reach almost any destination. These expedited shipping companies typically work within a range of 500 miles, making this type of service ideal for many different situations.

Industries that Benefit the Most from Expedited Trucking Companies

While almost any industry can take advantage of this type of service, the industries mentioned below are some of the most common.


The pharmaceutical industry depends heavily on hot shot trucking companies. This is how they get medication to hospitals, clinics, nursing home facilities, and offices for both doctors and dentists. As a result, patients get the quality care required.

Because of the nature of this industry and the type of cargo being transported, it’s important to hire one of the leading expedited shipping companies


This is another industry that benefits from the services that hot shot trucking companies provide. Considering how competitive the retail market is, it’s important for retailers to get their deliveries on time.


The manufacturing industry will often rely on expedited trucking companies. A good example of this is when a plant has a vital piece of machinery that breaks down. Without getting a replacement part quickly, the entire operation could shut down. That delays production and costs your business revenue.

We Provide Outstanding Transport Services

As one of the top expedited trucking companies in Canada, you can always depend on MGA International Logistics for all your critical shipping requirements. As one of the many services that we offer, our goal is to ensure a positive customer experience. Contact one of our team members today to learn more.

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