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Expedited Shipment available on Request
Single drivers can travel approximately 500 miles per day, team drivers available upon request

How do I set up an account with MGA International ?

You can either contact us at 1-844-334-0039. We also have an online credit application form. We also accept Visa & MasterCard.

Do you ship personal effects ?
No, we do not. We suggest calling a moving company for this type of service.

What Type of Freight Does MGA International handle? 
Serving Canada, USA, and Mexico we offer a fleet of dedicated trucks to meet the needs of our clients.

Who Do I Call For Billing Questions?  
For questions or concerns about your invoice, please call: 1-844-334-0039 and ask to speak to our billing department.

Is there any type of cargo that MGA will not haul?  
We are pleased to offer a wide diversity of services to meet the needs of our customers. However, there are certain commodities and services that we do not offer:
* Bulk Liquids
* Bulk Chemicals or Fertilizers
* Livestock
* Automobiles
* Mobile Homes
* Explosives
* Groceries
* Personal effects

Does MGA offer online tracking and tracing ?
Yes, we do. Please contact MGA customer service and we will set you up with a user name and password.

How much will it cost for my shipment?  
Rates vary based on the commodity, origin, destination, size, weight, and equipment required. Our employees need to know the specifics of your shipment after which they will  gladly assist you and give you a quote.