Flatbed Freight – Factors and trends influencing demand

Because of the broad range of freight that transportation companies handle, they stay incredibly busy. After all, people depend on the trucking industry to deliver everything they want and need, whether for personal or business use. However, as part of this segment, flatbed transportation carriers particularly face increasing demand.

With such a vast number of industries relying on flatbed trucking services, it’s not surprising that many carriers struggle to keep up. The overwhelming volume of orders often causes delayed shipments. For reputable carriers, that’s unacceptable. That’s why they’re doing everything possible to ensure that customers get their freight on time every time.

However, flatbed transportation companies state that demand for this specific service continues to rise. What makes this so fascinating is while some of the other freight services plateaued, others declined.

What Makes Flatbed Trucking Services So Valuable?

To understand the growing demand that flatbed transportation companies face, consider these factors and trends.


Flatbed transportation carriers can use this method of transporting freight via ground, air, rail, and ocean. For most people, flatbed trucking consists of open trailers pulled by semis down the highway. While that’s one type, there are others. Those include flatbed train cars, refrigerated containers, and more.

With flatbed trucking services, a carrier can accommodate oversized or oddly shaped cargo. Just a few examples include farming equipment, construction materials, automobiles, airplane parts, and the list goes on. Without a roof or sides, not only does a flatbed truck make the transportation part easy but also the loading and unloading process.

More Demand for Imported Goods

Another reason why flatbed transportation companies struggle to keep up is an increasing demand specific to imported goods. Especially since items coming from China and other parts of the world are so inexpensive, this freight service is big business.

Booming Construction Industry

Although things slowed down for a while, construction for both residential and commercial projects is again booming. So, along with materials, construction firms need equipment delivered to worksites. Again, as large and bulky freight, the solution comes in the form of flatbed trucking services.

Thriving Oil and Drilling Industry

There’s also significant growth within the oil and drilling industry. To keep drilling operations for crude oil going in response to an increase in demand, companies need oil-based goods and specialized drilling equipment transported. Another aspect has to do with an increasing demand for energy, which equates to more oil and fuel.

Consumer Goods

One last influence on flatbed transportation carriers is the consumer goods market. People like to shop, particularly online. Throughout the year, this segment keeps trucking companies busy, but when the holidays hit, the level of demand skyrockets. Thankfully, flatbed trucking helps get consumer products where they need to go.

Rely on a Trusted Source for Flatbed Trucking Services

Regardless of the type of freight your company needs to ship, you want one of the best flatbed transportation companies at the helm. MGA International Logistics has years of experience with this and other transportation solutions. To learn how we can help your company, give us a call.

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