FLATBED TRUCKING: Current market trends

Flatbed trucking plays an important role in the overall transportation industry. As a safe, effective, and reliable way to move large and heavy freight, businesses throughout North America depend on it. However, for the most respected flatbed transportation carriers to continually provide outstanding services, they keep up with the flatbed freight trucking market and industry trends.

Fleet managers have a tremendous amount of responsibility. That includes preparing drivers, the fleet, and the business as a whole for economic changes and emerging trends within the trucking and logistics sector. That way, they can adapt quickly and seamlessly.

Market Trends for Flatbed Transportation Companies

When it comes to flatbed trucking services, it’s common for things to change. The following are some of the current trends in the trucking industry.

Commercial and Residential Construction

Although the COVID-19 pandemic hit the construction industry hard, it’s bouncing back even better than anticipated. Both commercial and residential builders have experienced a significant uptick in demand. As a result, there’s an increase in having more materials transported. Typically, these include large and heavy items, perfect for flatbed trucking services.

Energy Industry

Then, there’s the energy industry. It, too, is going through a growth spurt, which means more business for flatbed transportation companies. As a prime example, this industry depends on flatbed trucking services to handle large and heavy pipes going to drilling and pipeline sites.

Technological Advances

Perhaps one of the most exciting trends for flatbed transportation carriers has to do with the recent advances in technology. One thing that makes the best companies stand out is their constant move to improve efficiency, productivity, and safety. Now, that’s even more possible, thanks to electronic logging devices or ELDs. This innovative technology even increases the compliance rate for the hours of service.

When implemented by flatbed transportation companies, this technology helps drivers maximize their day. Other benefits include fewer cases of lost logs, better document organization, and ultimately, cash-saving opportunities for the customer.

Always Ready to Serve

MGA International Logistics has a long history of providing customers with outstanding services. One way we accomplish that is by keeping up with trends and adapting when necessary. The next time you need to utilize flatbed trucking services, give us a call.


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