Flatbed Trucking – Everything You Need to Know

Flatbed transportation carriers play a critical role in today’s society. Drivers of flatbed trucks are responsible for moving items from one point to another. This includes cars, lumber, airplane wings, machinery, plumbing supplies and more. For someone interested in hiring a flatbed shipping company, it is important to verify several things.

The best flatbed shipping companies maintain a valid Federal Carrier Auditory. This ensures that drivers for the company have proper and current licensing. Regardless of the items being shipped, any companies that you are considering need to have the appropriate type and amount of insurance protection. At a minimum, flatbed transportation carriers should carry $100,000 in liability insurance. You should request a written certificate of insurance as proof, or you can get the information directly from the company’s insurance provider.

Especially for delicate loads or when shipping high-dollar items, contact the Federal Department of Transportation prior to hiring a flatbed shipping company. This allows you to verify safety statistics, including the number of accidents within a specific timeframe and other pertinent information.

Even when looking at the top flatbed trucking companies in your area, you have every right to ask about the type of training that drivers complete. In addition to training new drivers, reputable companies should offer or even mandate training for existing drivers. That way, everyone uses the same techniques and follows the same rules.

A driver should be skilled in load securement. If a load is not properly secured, it can shift or even fall off the truck during transportation. That puts the driver and other people on the road at risk, not to mention the damage to your goods and the flatbed truck.

Training should cover tarping. Tarps are heavy and cumbersome, but when adding in elements like rain, snow, and wind, they become even more difficult to handle and potentially dangerous. If not properly tied down, a gust of wind can get underneath a tarp, causing the entire load to spill. Drivers for flatbed transportation companies are also taught methods for proper loading and unloading, as well as parking and ways to avoid jackknifing.

When looking at flatbed transportation carriers, it pays to do your research. In talking to different companies, you will discover that not all prices are the same. In the quote, you should know the amount of time allotted to the driver for loading and unloading. Typically, this includes two hours. You should also inquire about partial loads versus full loads. Although it would take longer for your load to reach its destination, a partial load will cost less.

At MGA International, we offer a complete line of standard and expedited services. When it comes to flatbed transportation carriers, we are a respected and trusted source. For assistance with scheduling, please contact us by phone or visit our website.

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