Flatbed Trucking: Keeping Your Cargo on the Move

While there are many trucks on the road, the flatbed has a long history. Today, flatbeds continue to keep cargo on the move. For oddly shaped, oversized, or extra-heavy loads, flatbed trucking is essential.

With flatbed transporting services, drivers must properly secure cargo, using straps, chains, and other solutions. However, when it comes to loading and unloading, nothing beats flatbeds. For example, if you need long, oversized piping transported from one location to another, a standard truck would not suffice. Even if you hired a company with a truck long enough, getting the material loaded and then unloaded would be a challenging ordeal.

In comparison, flatbed trucks can handle just about anything. Because the freight is loaded and unloaded from either side, as well as from the top when using a hoist or crane, there are no limitations. Easy loading and unloading are just one reason why so many industries depend on the best flatbed trucking companies, such as construction, aircraft, and electrical, and others.

Trying to get a fuselage, tail, and wings of an airplane inside of a more conventional truck would be laborious and would create the risk for damage. With flatbed transporting services, hauling planes, automobiles, and a host of other freight is never a problem.

Also, drivers who work for the best flatbed trucking companies go through extensive specialized training. That means that you have confidence that the driver has in-depth knowledge to ensure that everything arrives unscathed and on schedule.

There are also different types of flatbed trucks, each with unique benefits. A perfect example is a double-drop flatbed. Just as the name implies, this truck has both an upper and lower deck. With a detachable gooseneck, some people refer to this type of flatbed as a “detach.” The double-drop flatbed is used to haul all sorts of freight, most commonly cranes, forklifts, combines, and other large items that a standard truck cannot accommodate.

Flatbeds also haul a significant amount of weight. Although there are restrictions, a truck that is 8 feet 6 inches high, 8 feet 6 inches wide, and 48 feet long is perfect for large loads. Regarding the maximum weight, most drivers stay around 45,000 pounds, although many flatbeds can legally haul more. With those dimensions and weight capacity, flatbed trucks can carry a tremendous amount of freight.

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