FREIGHT FORWARDING…and the role local trucking can play

When it comes to shipping freight, it’s often the big transport companies that get all the recognition, but local trucking companies also have an important role to play when delivering services.

What Is Freight Forwarding?

The individual or company providing this type of service is often referred to as a ‘forwarding agent,’ ‘freight forwarder,’ or simply, ‘forwarder.’ Their job is to organize the process of getting goods from the producer/manufacturer to market or to a final distribution point. A forwarder can work on behalf of an individual or a business.

Some cargo shipping companies may include freight forwarding as component of their overall operations. Logistics, sourcing, and dealing with the challenges of international freight are just some of the advantages of working with a freight forwarder.

How Does a Local Trucking Company Help?

It’s important to note that freight forwarders don’t always provide logistics services. Instead, the forwarder may work with a company that specializes in logistics. If required, local trucking companies may be called upon to assist with deliveries.

In other words, a forwarder still needs to arrange for land transportation. Reaching out to cargo shipping companies that handle inland pick-ups and deliveries provides a solution for the forwarder to move goods to their final destination.

Cargo shipping companies can often do more than just transport goods. They can also be 3PL providers. By offering warehousing, fulfillment, pick-up, and other services as part of the supply chain, 3PLs benefit from the services that local trucking companies provide.

Some 3PLs will maintain their own fleet of delivery trucks and drivers so they can provide local delivery services when required. For those that don’t offer this type of service, they can turn to cargo shipping companies that do provide local service.

What Does a Local Freight Company Do?

Local transport is typically the first and last link in the supply chain. On the front-end, they pick up and load the freight, and conversely, they deliver the freight directly to the customer on the back-end.

Cargo shipping companies that deliver locally must have the proper licensing and insurance, so it is important to engage with reputable international logistics companies to ensure goods are delivered safely, securely, and in a timely manner.

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