HEAVY HAUL TRANSPORT – Examining trailer options

When freight is too large, odd-shaped, heavy, or tall for a standard trailer experienced oversize trucking companies must be engaged for heavy haul transportation on North America’s thoroughfares.

Solutions Provided by Leading Heavy Haul Trucking Companies

For these challenging moves, reputable oversize trucking companies can present a variety of options for their customers.

Flatbed Trailer

Most oversize load trucking companies will utilize flatbed trailers as a primary solution. Without sides, a roof, or a back door, flatbeds present a relatively easy way to load and unload cargo. Based on the freight’s characteristics, companies will employ various types of equipment to achieve this end, including cranes when necessary. This expedites the shipping process, ensures a secure load, and improves worker safety.

Lowboy Trailer

Also referred to as a double-drop trailer, lowboys feature a dropped-down portion of the deck just behind the gooseneck. This ‘drop’ extends to the rear wheels, at which point it rises back up in height. As part of this unique design, the lower portion of the bed sits close to the ground. Heavy haul trucking companies like this option because it works well for different types of cargo, but is most beneficial when transporting cargo of significant height.

Step-Deck Trailer

Step-deck trailers are yet another great option relied upon by oversize trucking companies. Similar to a flatbed trailer in that there’s no roof, sides, or back door, step-decks differ from lowboys in that the drop behind the cab remains above the trailer’s wheels and does not rise back up at the rear. As a result, the bed has more of an L-shape. Primarily used to haul extremely tall items this type of trailer presents an excellent option for oversized loads.

Extendable Drop-Deck Trailer

In addition to the aforementioned drop-deck trailers, extendable drop-decks offer an option where the trailer can be lengthened to make room for cargo of varying lengths. This provides a safe option for oversize load trucking companies to accommodate, and transport elongated freight.

Depending on the Right Source for Heavy Cargo

Keep in mind that not all heavy haul trucking companies are created equal. You want to be confident that you are hiring a company with an extensive history of heavy haul experience, as well as one with an outstanding reputation in the transport industry.

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