Heavy Hauling: Importing and Exporting

When it comes to importing and exporting heavy equipment, there is a lot of information to disseminate. Importing heavy equipment from Canada requires compliance with guidelines of both, Customs and Border Protection (CBP), as well as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Conversely, when exporting heavy items to Canada, rules of the Canada Border Services Agency must be followed. As these regulations are often complex, importers and exporters will often choose to work with heavy haul trucking companies that possess a solid understanding of all necessary requirements.

Importing Heavy Equipment from Canada

There are a number of possible reasons why one would choose to import heavy equipment from north of the border; the most common being that the item may actually be cheaper. Other reasons may include that the particular equipment may not be available stateside; machinery may be out of stock or backordered; or the equipment required may simply be located closer to the job site – thereby ensuring lower shipping costs. Oversize load trucking companies will handle the paperwork required by U.S. Customs Clearance to ensure you are in compliance.

Required Permits and Clearance

Close to $700 billion worth of goods are shipped from the U.S. to Canada annually and every single shipment must be supported with the required paperwork. A reliable customs broker can provide you with all necessary documents for quick and secure clearance at the Canadian border. International shipping insurance is another consideration when embarking on shipping equipment to Canada – reputable oversized trucking companies can provide guidance in this regard.

Oversize Trucking Companies

MGA International Logistics – located in Canada – specializes in providing oversized trucking services for our clients. Clients need reassurance that the companies they are working with are safe, reliable, and possess the ability to meet their needs. MGA offers double-drop flatbed trailers – specifically designed to haul heavy equipment. Our drivers are experienced in hauling oversized freight, while ensuring your goods are delivered safely. Located within 130 kilometers of the Canada/U.S. border, we are committed to providing transportation, freight, and logistics services throughout the U.S. Our knowledgeable team can assist with any questions, or gladly provide you with a no-obligation quote.

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