Hot Shot Trucking – Keeping Your Cargo Safe

How shot trucking is one of the fastest growing segments of the transportation industry. Unlike big rigs that haul large and heavy freight, hot shot drivers often use their personal pickup trucks and vans to deliver smaller items. However, for larger cargo, many drivers now offer hot shot flatbed loads, as well.

When comparing standard shipping costs with hotshot trucking rates, you will find that the latter is the more cost-effective solution in many situations. However, what makes this shipping option so beneficial is that hot shot drivers take goods from one location to another quickly. For this expedited service, drivers deliver things in town, as well as to other cities and states, much faster than traditional shipping.

Although there are many benefits associated with standard and hot shot flatbed loads, you need to consider a few things to ensure that your cargo arrives at the scheduled destination unscathed.

  • Experience – When it comes to ensuring the safety of your cargo, experience speaks volumes. You want a hotshot driver who has been providing this type of service for several years.
  • Expertise – Because hot shot driving is different from other types of shipping services, it is important to hire someone with expertise. Typically, this comes from experience, but not always. The driver that you hire for your cargo should be proficient in the job, meaning the person follows the rules of the road and the law.
  • Truck or Van – Regardless if the hotshot driver uses a truck or van, it should be in excellent condition. Just like with any other shipping vehicle, unless a hotshot driver maintains the vehicle, there could be a breakdown along the road, which would delay your cargo from arriving on time. Therefore, never be afraid to ask specific questions about the type of fleet used.
  • Protected Cargo – You also need to find out how different drivers in the hotshot trucking industry protect cargo during transport. Obviously, for anything of yours that is potentially breakable, you want assurance that it is wrapped, boxed, or protected in some way to prevent damage.
  • Insurance – Make sure the driver that you hire has proper insurance. Even if you have to pay a little extra, it is worth hiring someone who offers replacement value insurance coverage.

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