How Automation Applies to Trucking Companies

New advances in technology mean that self-driving cars are closer than ever to becoming a reality. The industry of trucking may soon be experiencing the benefits of automation. Freight trucking companies are working with cutting-edge technology that may soon become the norm.

What Is Autonomous Vehicle Technology?

The first thing you think of when you hear about autonomous vehicle (AV) technology is self-driving cars. However, there are five main levels of this technology.

  • Driver-assist: In this level, the driver has control of the car, but the car offers helpful information to the driver. This can include lane guidance and cruise control.
  • Partial automation: This level includes detecting parking posts and automatically braking in emergencies.
  • Conditional automation: At Level 3, the vehicle can operate itself, except under poor weather or traffic conditions.
  • High automation: This level involves the vehicle operating on its own in some geographic areas. The driver may occasionally need to take control.
  • Full automation: All vehicles with this level of automation are prototypes only. However, they are completely automatic without any human intervention.

AV Technology and Trucking

Currently, the trucking industry is hoping to implement Levels two and three AV technology. These 80,000-pound vehicles will not be driving themselves down the highway any time soon. However, automatic technologies will help drivers operate the vehicle more safely and efficiently.

Trucking companies such as freight trucking companies are already using automated safety technologies, such as lane guidance. This technology helps the truck driver better stay in his or her lane. Automated braking may become common in the future, potentially leading to fewer truck accidents.

AV technology can also help the truck driver be more efficient. Because driving will become easier, truck drivers may be able to drive for a longer amount of time. Fewer breaks mean the travel time will be reduced significantly.

Finally, AV technology means that becoming international freight forwarders may be more appealing to people. When the driver has fewer driving requirements, there may be more time to stay connected with friends and family members. When drivers have more time while at the wheel, they may be able to train for other positions within the company as well. This can increase the company’s overall efficiency.

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