How Climate Control Is Important for Trucking Companies for Food Transportation

Keeping your food products safe is vital when you are transporting these items to the store. When transporting perishable items, it is even more vital that you choose a reliable transport company that uses the right temperature control system. That way, you can keep the food items from deteriorating. Before transporting the food product, you will need to know what temperature range they have to stay at and how long. You should choose a trucking company in NJ that follows the guidelines of food transportation, from the beginning to the end.

The Importance of Climate Control

Many times, food can deteriorate because of the breakdown of molecules. Plus, pests and insects can infest the items, leading to food spoilage. But many times, bacteria and fungi are to blame. As they grow in the food items, toxic chemicals can surface. For instance, certain bacteria can make consumers very sick.

Favorable conditions for bacteria are around 41 to 135 degrees. If the temperature of the food is too warm, it becomes an ideal breeding ground for many kinds of pathogens. Some of the most susceptible food items include cut fruits and vegetables, dairy items, eggs, and milk. Meat is particularly risky and needs to stay cold.

Luckily, when you choose one of the best trucking companies in Cleveland, Ohio, you can ensure that they will keep your food at 40 degrees or lower. That way, the items will stay microbiologically stable. That means that refrigeration is vital in ensuring food quality.

If the temperature rises, it is more likely for food to lose water. That will reduce the quality of the food items, as well. Plus, if the temperature goes up, there can be a higher respiration rate, causing carbohydrates to get depleted. That can cause the items to rot faster.

You should check with trucking companies in NJ to see if they believe it is necessary to pre-cool the items before doing refrigerated transportation. That is more important with items that can perish, including food products that have been freshly harvested.

Choose Only the Best Trucking Companies in PA

When it comes to transporting temperature-sensitive food items, you need to follow strict regulations. An expert transportation company is aware that your food products need to stay within the ideal temperature range so it will remain fresh during transport. The right provider will have a system in place that allows for good temperature control. If you want to connect with the best trucking companies in PA, New Jersey, and Ohio, contact MGA International Logistics today. We are always ready to assist with your shipping needs.

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