How Is a Step Deck Trailer Different From a Flatbed Trailer?

You have most likely seen many flatbed trailers attached to semis over the years, and you may not have thought much about this. This is a very popular combination when it comes to hauling large items. That is because they are versatile. But another popular type is a step deck trailer. Working with step deck trucking companies and the type of transport they provide offer several benefits, but you might be wondering about the differences between a flatbed trailer and a step deck trailer.

What Is a Flatbed Trailer?

A trucking company will use a flatbed to send wide or large items that you need a forklift to load. A company might use those for hauling machinery, construction equipment, or tools. There are some limitations to these trailers.

Many of them are around 48 to 53 feet long. That means that the maximum weight cannot be more than 48,000 pounds. The standard height and width for your cargo cannot exceed 8 feet and 6 inches. Anything bigger means it becomes a wide load. If you have a wide load, it might need an escort vehicle during transport.

When you have equipment that exceeds the maximum, then you need to turn to step deck trucking transportation. A step deck trailer is just as versatile as a flatbed, except the deck is slightly lower. That means it can accommodate a taller load.

With a step deck, the trailer’s maximum height is 20 inches more than a flatbed trailer. That means you can have a load as high as 10 feet, 2 inches for a standard step deck trailer. If your cargo is something even higher, then you could go with a double-drop flatbed. That has a maximum height of around 11 feet and 2 inches.

Flatbed Trailer Vs. Step Deck Trailer

The main difference between flatbed and step deck trucking transportation is the maximum allowed height. With a step deck, you can transport slightly taller cargo because it has a lowered deck.

The two types of trailers provide versatility. It is also fairly easy to load and unload equipment and other cargo from both trailers because of their open design.

Although both a flatbed and a step deck trailer are the same length and have the same weight limit, a step deck allows you to move taller cargo around. That helps you prevent the need for an escort vehicle or special permits.

Where Can I Find Step Deck Trucking Companies Near Me?

Step deck trailers give you greater versatility than a flatbed trailer. When you are searching for step deck trucking companies near me to haul extra tall equipment, turn to MGA International Logistics. Contact us today for a free quote.

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