How Lowboy Transport Affect the Logistics Industry

For hauling tall or heavy freight, most companies use a lowboy. Although the trailers themselves have no power, they hook up to a semi-truck to get cargo where it needs to go. In some instances, trucking companies use a double-axle lowboy, which can haul roughly 40,000 pounds of cargo. Today, the increasing demand for lowboy transport services has affected the logistics industry in a positive way.

With lowboy trucking, companies have one more weapon in their arsenal. In other words, lowboy truck transport gives reputable companies another solution that makes it possible to serve their customers better. When someone needs oversized or heavy cargo shipped, companies with lowboy trailers can help.

Rather than use a flatbed trailer, which cannot safely handle oversized and heavy freight, companies now depend on lowboys. Because of the trailer’s design, trucking companies can get cargo moved from one point to another easier and without risk of damage. Especially if you need something like a scraper, CAT, or Terex moved, the last thing you want to worry about is something falling off from using the wrong type of trailer.

With lowboy trucking, logistics companies provide their customers enhanced protection for certain kinds of freight. Companies also use a variety of unique features that increase safety even more. For instance, they use registered blade guards as well as a sufficient size pintle hook for handling towable equipment when needed. Thanks to lowboy truck transport services, there is no requirement to dismantle and then reassemble equipment. In addition to lowboy trucks, the best logistics companies have several other options, making them the perfect source regardless of need.

When searching for a company that offers lowboy services, it is important to select one with experience, expertise, and a history of success for this type of transport service. The right company will never cut corners or skimp on things just to get your order. Instead, they will offer the right services using a fleet of well-maintained trucks, including lowboys.

The Perfect Solution for Tall and Heavy Freight

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