How Sprinter Van Services are Being Sold

In addition to more conventional methods, the best transportation and logistics companies now offer Sprinter van services. This Mercedes-Benz cargo van is top-of-the-line yet surprisingly affordable. As part of its marketing campaign, the automaker provides detailed information about the various benefits to both drivers and transportation companies which prompts immediate interest.

Drivers interested in Sprinter van rental can quickly learn that this type of van offers far more than other cargo vans. As an example the automaker hails the 2019 model as a “digital platform.” With unique features, this van makes it easier for drivers to get goods delivered on time. Even when facing congested traffic, technology helps them avoid issues that might cause a delay.

One of the highlights of the new Sprinter van is its upgraded internet connectivity. For arranging deliveries, drivers stay connected to fleet managers and shippers. Through every mile of their route, they have assistance and information available. However, there are many other reasons why the luxury Sprinter rental market is exploding.

Primary Advantages

A few of the most prominent advantages of Sprinter van rental include:

  • Payload – With a maximum payload of 5,508 pounds, drivers can carry heavier cargo without it slowing them down.
  • Volume – The Sprinter van has 329.3 cubic feet of cargo volume, which is far more than other vans. This provides plenty of room in the storage area.
  • Height – On the 2019 model, the maximum height is now 78.2-inches, almost two inches more than earlier models offered.
  • Power – On this new model, drivers will enjoy the two-stage turbocharged diesel engine. With 265 pound-feet of torque and between 1,400 and 2,400 RPM, the van will pull more weight than before. However, drivers can select from other engines if preferred.

Even earlier model Sprinter vans can deliver goods more quickly than other cargo vans. For drivers who want a safe and reliable vehicle that’s loaded with all the latest and most innovative features, a luxury Sprinter rental is ideal. Whether starting a new delivery business or enhancing an existing one, renting a Sprinter van is the way to succeed.

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