How to Handle Over-dimensional Flatbed Shipping Issues

If the dimensions of a flatbed shipment are more than the typical legal size, then your flatbed cargo is over-dimensional. When you have an item to ship, you have to pay close attention to the freight’s dimensions and weight, especially if you will be moving it using an over-dimensional flatbed trailer. Using the right flatbed shipping companies can be helpful for you.

About the Dimensions for Flatbed Shipping

Legally, the load of a flatbed trailer cannot be more than eight feet, six inches high and wide, and the maximum length is 48 inches. The average weight is usually around 45,000 pounds, but it cannot be more than 80,000 pounds. If the trailer is a traditional one, the driver’s view will not get obstructed, ensuring safety for them.

About Over-dimensional Flatbed Trucking

Flatbed shipping companies use over-dimensional flatbed trailers. They can handle freight as long as 160 feet, 18 feet high and wide, and weighing as much as 200,000 pounds. This type of flatbed has around 18 to 40 wheels, depending on the load that you are transporting.

Often, over-dimensional freight can obstruct the driver’s view because of its size. That means that this type of load often requires pilot cars to travel in the front and the back of the trailer. They would let the driver know about any potential obstacles. That way, they would ensure that that shipment gets transported smoothly. There are a few things that you should know before deciding whether this mode of shipping is right for you. These things include:

  • The total weight of the cargo
  • Type of cargo
  • Exact dimensions of the cargo
  • Transit time
  • Address of destination and origin

Getting the Details Right

It is important to ensure that the dimensions are correct. Otherwise, it could cost you and the flatbed trucking companies in Illinois many thousands of dollars. That is especially true if the shipment is moving through state lines. If you list the wrong weight or dimensions, your transport company might end up using the wrong equipment, which can be dangerous and result in fines.

As your freight gets bigger, the rules for over-dimensional items change. They can also change when your shipping company moves over state lines. The more freight information a shipper can provide the carrier, the better it is.

Work With the Best Flatbed Shipping Companies for an Advantage

If you want to ensure that your load gets delivered on time, you should get a free quote from MGA International Logistics. MGA will connect you with the right carrier with the best equipment for any size of load. If you need flatbed trucking companies in Illinois or flatbed trucking companies in Ohio, contact MGA today.

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