How to Make Hot Shot Trucking Work?

When it comes to shipping cargo, there is no single solution. The multiple factors involved in shipping – including time-sensitivity, fragility, and special factors such as temperature control – require successful shipping companies to perform or hire multiple types of shipping services to meet their customers’ needs. One rapidly growing shipping service is Hot Shot trucking, a subset of truck-shipping companies that emphasizes smaller fleets and non-standard delivery times. MGA International includes a variety of reliable Hot Shot trucking companies in our logistical network to provide customers with expedited shipping for their valuable or time-sensitive cargo.

Characteristics of Hot Shot Trucking

Hot Shot trucking operations focus on lighter loads with an emphasis on Less-than-Truck-Load (LTL) cargo. Hot Shot trucking also caters to customers operating on either non-traditional schedules or high-urgency deliveries such as same-day or overnight shipments. The range of vehicles involved in Hot Shot trucking operations is more diverse and less power-intensive, including vehicles such as single-axle trucks and sprinter vans. Hot Shot trucking operations focus on cargo that are either high in monetary value or are vital to client operations. And most Hot Shot trucking operations are small in terms of employees, with many Hot Shot trucking operations consisting of a single contractor.

Necessities for Hot Shot Trucking Operations

Hot Shot trucking operations will need CDL licenses that correspond to the weight classes in which they intend to operate. CDL class designations factor in the weight of the shipping vehicles as well as the weight of the potential cargo, so the types of vehicles that a Hot Shot trucking operation selects will be as important as their target customers. Hot Shot trucking operations need a firm understanding of the laws and regulations governing transportation and be ready to select the best-suited vehicles for the type of cargo they are moving. And Hot Shot trucking employees need to be familiar and compliant with the standard rules that govern conventional trucking services, such as guaranteed Hours of Service and mandatory participation in weight stations on freeways and highways. Hot Shot trucking operators need to ensure that their vehicles and operators are sufficiently insured.

MGA International partners with several Hot Shot trucking companies as part of our expedited shipping services. Our logistics network includes Hot Shot trucking operators with proven experience and results with delivering overnight freight, urgent cargo, and dedicated freight. Our expedited trucking services also include sprinter van expedited freight and expedited shipping of perishable goods such as medicine.

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