How to Make Regulatory Compliance Less Painful

When it comes to hot shot trucking companies, some do an okay job while others excel. For the hot shot carriers in the latter category, there are several reasons why. For one thing, these companies have a staff with experience and extensive training. They also offer a broad range of hot shot trucking services. Then there’s the fact that they’re trustworthy because they comply with current regulations.

The best hot shot trucking companies know that to stay in operation, they must adhere to all applicable laws. Staying compliant also improves their reputation since both potential and existing customers don’t have to worry about potential issues that could negatively affect their service requirements.

Throughout the history of hot shot carriers, the regulations they must abide by today are stricter than ever before. Without having a strategic plan in place, that can create a tremendous amount of stress. The more pressure that hot shot trucking companies experience, the greater the chance of them compromising on quality. In other words, with a plan in place, the best companies don’t feel a lot of stress to stay compliant. As a result, the services they provide don’t waiver.

Top-rated companies understand what it takes to remain compliant and stress-free. The following are some of the steps they take to run a legitimate business that continues to provide customers with stellar hot shot trucking services.

Applicable Regulations, Including HOS

Within the trucking industry, Regulators set HOS or “Hours of Service.” Along with that are regulations for intrastate commerce, fleet quality, and documentation in the form of RODS or Record of Duty Status. Hot shot carriers have the responsibility to understand and adhere to all applicable regulations such as these.

As an example, following the rules of HOS eliminates a great deal of stress. These regulations applies to all commercial for hire carriers, inluding hot shot trucking companies.. With knowledge of provincial, state and federal laws, there’s no need for these organizations to feel any pressure from the government.

Good Monitoring Practices

Another way that the best hot shot carriers avoid stress is by monitoring their compliance scores with all jurisdictions. In Ontario, it’s referred to as the CVOR which stands for Commercial Vehicle Operating Record. In the USA it’s the FMCSA or Federal Motor Carrier Administration. As part of roadside inspections, as well as any earlier violations, FMCSA’s Safety Measurement System creates a BASICs status, which stands for “Behavior, Analysis, and Safety Improvement.” Ultimately, that results in a CSA score, the acronym for “Compliance, Safety, Accountability.”

By paying attention to both Canadian and USA records of compliance, trucking companies can improve on unsafe driving, HOS compliance, crash indicators, driver fitness, use of alcohol and other controlled substances, vehicle maintenance, and hazardous materials. Combined, this allows companies to provide much better hot shot trucking services to their customers.

Patterns of Non-compliance

Identifying patterns of non-compliance is one of the first steps to change. Considering that the government modifies compliance laws and regulations frequently, reputable companies put someone in charge who can quickly find potentially risky patterns, followed by recommending the appropriate remedy.

Logging and Inspection Tools

The best hot shot trucking companies also take advantage of various tools that help streamline logging and inspection activities. With so much documentation mandated for this industry, not getting a handle on it can easily create a lot of stress. Fortunately, hot shot carriers can utilize any number of electronic logging devices or ELDs to help.

Calm and Collected

At MGA International Logistics, we stay compliant across the board. That means when you use our hot shot trucking services, you’re leaving a job in capable hands. For a free estimate, give us a call.

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