How Truckload Shipping May Be Affected by Coronavirus

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the government has placed restrictions designed to reduce the spread. This has had deep effects in all areas of life. Some small companies have had to close while essential businesses have gone up. If you have an essential business like a grocery store and you are trying to plan the logistics, you may notice some changes in how full truckload shipping companies operate.

Shipping Times in a Full Truckload Shipping Service

The virus might affect the shipping time, and there are several factors that will impact it. For instance, there will likely be less traffic on the road. Many cities are under stay-at-home orders, so not as many people are going out.

Some areas might have hours of service rules put in place by the government. This might limit the number of hours that drivers can be on the road each day. Goods that need special handling, like refrigerated items, might ship faster since there is no longer as much demand for them. Suppliers have an incentive to ship them sooner.

There is also a driver shortage which has been affecting the industry for many years now. With an increased demand for essential demands, essential businesses might feel this shortage more acutely.

Shipping Rates

It is also hard to determine the way that the virus might impact the shipping rates. There are several factors at play here related to government restrictions and the virus which can drive the cost of operating up. However, with the price of oil fluctuating that can result in full truckload shipping companies in the U.S. not having to pay as much for fuel.

Some companies are prioritizing their shipments. The demand for expedited shipping might increase for some essential industries, pushing up rates in non-essential industries.

Exports and Imports

The effects of the virus and the various restrictions aren’t only limited to the United States. As countries around the world are coping, trade among them has dropped. If you have a global supply chain, it can be hard to work with your international vendors. There are also more restrictions at border crossings and ports. The loading and unloading times at ports might be longer as well.

Choose the Best Full Truckload Shipping Service

The effects of the virus are profound when it comes to shipping. But many essential businesses can still find opportunities. With a pause in commerce, a non-essential business can plan its shipping logistics once the company resumes its operations. No matter how the virus is impacting your shipping operations, MGA International Logistics is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about why we are one of the top full truckload shipping companies in the area.

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