Huge Advantages in Using Expedited Freight Companies

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Expedited freight companies specialize in getting freight delivered in a quick and efficient manner. While some companies focus solely on making quick deliveries, others like MGA International Logistics offer a full range of services to include expedited shipments.

At MGA, we can ship freight in a variety of ways. However, even with our less-than-truckload (LTL) services, we can expedite the shipping of your freight. As part of our services, we have an exceptional logistics team that plays a critical role in expedited services. For instance, with fewer touches prior to shipping, we have the ability to shave off time.

We also have access to information about new routes and optimize distribution center guides, as well as load plans that step up the process. Overall, your freight is processed and delivered faster compared to a number of other expedited truck companies. We look for unique methods of handling your time-critical cargo, thereby giving you a huge advantage.

Shifting Priorities

Recently, there has been a significant shift in priorities. More and more companies, as well as industries, have a desire or need for faster shipping. To meet those demands, we have designed and implemented programs that work seamlessly. In addition, we understand changes pertaining to heightened security requirements, congestion, delays, reduced capacity, fuel charges, and high costs. Again, at MGA International Logistics, we offer viable solutions.

Although some changes fluctuate, the one constant is the request for fast service. We strive to provide a guaranteed delivery time, which is another huge benefit of MGA International Logistics. Hitting a guaranteed time is critical since the additional expense of expedited services with a guaranteed time of delivery can offset the cost of chargebacks associated with missing that promise.

To ensure you receive freight as stated, our logistics team follows precise guidelines and we employ only the highest skilled drivers. Whether you need to get merchandise and displays to a trade show, sporting event, or a seasonal pop-up store, we understand that you have a small window of opportunity. Unless expedited freight companies deliver as promised, you lose sales, customers, and profit.

Building a Lasting Relationship

The more consistent we are with expedited deliveries the better. As with other expedited freight companies, our goal at MGA International Logistics consists of building lasting relationships with our Canadian and American customers.

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