What Information Should Be Handy While Hiring Hot Shot Carriers

When researching different hot shot carriers, each company should have the specific information that you need handy. If you come across a company that hesitates to answer your questions or fumbles around to find the information that you requested, you need to make sure before taking a final call on the choice of your carrier. Employees of a reputable and trusted company will be well-versed in the services provided and their prices.

  • History of the Business – As a potential customer, you have every right to request information regarding the history of the business. Included in this will be the number of years that the company has been established and what type of expertise each of the drivers possesses. Based on that information, you can then make comparisons with other companies.
  • Services Offered – Hotshot brokers should also have a list of the different services offered and as part of this, you can ask about mileage limitations.
  • Cost of Services – Every hotshot trucking company should have set prices. When you ask how much a certain load will cost, you should expect a quick answer.
  • Lead Time and Delivery Schedule – You should also expect to get an immediate answer to the lead time required to handle your load and what guarantee is made pertaining to the delivery schedule. In addition, the company should provide you with a history of on-time deliveries if asked.
  • Type of Pickups Used – While this information may not be overly important to everyone, it might be to you as hot shot loads for pickup trucks are common and any company of interest should have specific information available on the exact type of trucks their drivers use.
  • Licensing – Hotshot drivers are limited as to the weight they can haul, the only licensing requirement is a commercial driver’s license. However, these drivers must also have a clean vehicle record including very few to no safety violations. You have every right to see the proof of a driver’s license and driving record before hiring.

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The bottom line is that before you lock into a contract with a hotshot driving company, it is in your best interest to make comparisons among at least three different companies. Each of those companies should be transparent in their responses. MGA International is one company that you can always rely on. In addition to hotshot trucking, we offer other transportation and logistics services, which you can see by visiting our website. If preferred, you can contact us by phone to speak with a team expert.

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